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Lorenzini shirt
Borrelli pant
Ferragamo belt
CH socks
DE bluchers
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Tiger, nice fit
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

jewelry: Ugo Cacciatori & Surface 2 air
leather shirt: Carpe Diem
tee: Yoko Devereaux
belt: vintage levi
cords: april 77
shoes: loakes

Wow,great! MIB is cool.

You gotta find a guy/ tripod and walk out, coz we wanna see action pix!
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Damn I hated that McQ cardigan but I'm feelin it. Looks sorta similar to my vb.

Really liking fuuma, but then again he's the homey so nothin but love.

Attempting to pick up my d40 again this weekend from my buddy who tried to ditch me last time (no surprise) so I can post some shit. Literally.
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Fuuma- love those shoes, how much did they set you back (if you don't mind)?
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gloomy day gothic architecture

vintage hood
omc necklace
vintage dm
old chucks

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soundtrack of my day:

TEMPRAS t-shirt
VOLCOM jacket
ACNE jeans
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shirt close-up, feels very summery. Thrifted..

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A Harris
cool look! the jacket is very interesting. are the arms "cuffed" in some way?
Some heavier shoes/boots to match maybe?
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keepin it simple today... stetson 'lo sam clarks(for superbobo) BONUS PIC!!!!
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fuuma - you are the sartorial jacques cousteau, bringing these strange, mythical creatures out of the deep and into the light, diving into wrecked ships with a lamp, exploring the hold, and cracking open the barrels to liberate the goods that were left to rot
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It sure is nice outside.

HM shades
Adam wifebeater
Diesel flanell shirt
Warehouse jeans
Marco Polo chukkas

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Awesome nemuu... but you should invest in some Chuck Norris Action Jeans, otherwise you'll blow your crotch out playing street fighting man like that.

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back in black

diesel shirt
hm cardigan
bill tornade pinstripe trou
br socks
ae dryden (liked my brown ones so much I got a black pair on commiebay)

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