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more band pics, i don't understand how one has so much free time in med school maybe I should go too
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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
Doing Beach Boys covers, W?
That photo was taken halfway through my 23 min extended outro solo of "Wouldn't It Be Nice."
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Originally Posted by ghulkhan View Post
hey rye,
i love the fit of those diors
did you size up..
whats your normal size


i think he should have sized down. doesnt really fit his tight shirt and cardigan.
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Originally Posted by A Harris View Post

Boglioli Sartoria coat, Polo cashmere shawl collar, 5EP, RLPL/Edward Green Grant in dark oak.

How much was your coat?
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Originally Posted by Sgt_Strider View Post
How much was your coat?

160ish, on clearance at Yoox.

Thanks to all for the comments. And lots of great fits lately, keep up the good work! It's going to be hard for anyone to beat that shot from DDML though...

J, I have to agree on the shawl collar sweaters. I never thought I'd like them until I tried this one on under some of my coats, and now I'm hooked.
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First time posting an outfit here,please be gentle on me!

Jacket is a custom made Michael Krell racing jacket
T-shir is a generic print tee from filene's basement
Medallion is a cool antique one of a kind gold religious medallion. Can't see the detail on top there is an A wih angel wings, the middle is an eye, then the bottom is an upside down A with horns. The latin text around it basically means god is watching you, but don't forget the devil is too. It's about 2-3 hundred years old, I really like it.
Jeans are levi 511s

Can't see the shoes but they are adidas samba 85s

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nike air max 90
skull 5507xx
bonds tshirt
skull western shirt
chanel sunglasses
generic beanie
georg jensen ring
beefmaster bbq
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vintage stetson
rokara, sagged like a british fashion designer
nike apc
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I have my grandpa's old stetson hat. I still have the original box for it and everything. It's a tiny bit small for me, which sucks becuase it's a great hat. Gotta keep it for sentimental reasons though. The rokara jeans look really good. Rye, did you ever get more of your items like the jeans online somewhere or at least pics of items? I remember you talking about how it was a possibility after the trade shows a few months ago and figured i'd check. I need to get a new part time job with more hours and save up money. edit:my bad cheap, i meant to address that towards rye.
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nothing new man... jeans are on hold till i can get my finances squared away, which means after all the refunds and shit gets out, i buy my plane ticket for the EC sufu party, and save up for the denim.
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Cheap, totally brilliant - my fave from you in weeks, if not months; the Rokaras look ten times as good worn that way. Making a strong case for another appearance in the Peasant contest finals... jpgm, also one of your best ever*, imo. And who, great action shots. *Wait a sec - are those the shades I hated on a couple weeks back? Damn - fool me once...
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of course they look good like that... i had the designer pick my size for me
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Cheap, awesome.

Who, love it. Any more detailed pics of the jacket?
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nothing fancy just enjoying the killer weather

powell peraltra repro/acne max/puma
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EG Newton Shirt and Newport Pants (navy):
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