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Originally Posted by familyman
What are those shoes GS?
Round last, cordovan ripples, very light color, wingtips? I'm intrigued.

They're D&G brogues. Bought them about 5 years ago, have held up amazingly and patina'd well too. I was surprised that D&G made a shoe so classically "American" with the rounder last, as nearly all their shoes are super chiseled italian sleek. I would never suggest D&G as a shoe option but when i saw these back in '02 I had to have em.
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Originally Posted by Baron
I like this pic of Sauce better than the contest pic. Very nice - great scarf, nice color accent with the sweater.

totally agree, this pic blows away his contest photo. Nice to see Sauceman add some color to the palette with his burgundy sweater and the white scarf. The more I look at that pic, I'm blown away by his choice of the white scarf, which looks awesome with the rest of the ensemble and something I never would have thought of wearing.
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iTunes Playing: Where Flowers Should Be by As The Poets Affirm from the album The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch. Rick Owens Jacket-Barneys NYC Woven Scarf-Beams Tokyo Levi 517 34 waist-Pasadena Rose Bowl Market Belt 45rpm-45rpm NYC AA Heather Tee 50/50-AA Little Tokyo Chucks
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Yeesh... with this contest, two pages a day seem to be filled.
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Jet, nice that you are actually posting now. You know that you can use Imageshack to get bigger pics, right?

Jason and Sauce, not resting on your laurels, huh? Both of you guys keep on bringing on the A-game. Can't figure out whether I'd rather be beat to death by a very mod Yakuza, or just take a single shot to the temple from a Mauser. Rye, I think that I need a white belt.
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Originally Posted by cheapmutha

us mil
l.l. bean

I really like this, except for the shoes. The outfit seems to call for either boots or something simple like Chucks or your APC Nikes.
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Very much agreed.
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I think that's my fav from Rye. More jet eye candy
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lookin' good fellas... GS and Rye on this page, wow

Helmut Lang
FB68 pig pin

Year of the Pig, baby!

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getsmart SIIIIIIICK!
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Originally Posted by Jovan
Yeesh... with this contest, two pages a day seem to be filled.
Seriously, hard to keep up lately, so no offense if I skip anyone. I'll jump right on the hot topic with a vote in favor of the Jordans; they give the look that great CMF/SuFu vibe. I agree that Chucks are (as always) the much safer pick, and are certainly not wrong (I would probably wear Chucks here). However, I think that as a result of the vintage Nike craze, Jordans I-VII can work really well with basic AA/thrift/surplus-type looks, certain exceptions notwithstanding. Rye, I was going to say that I think there's a little too much xtreme rippage on those 517s, but then I realized it's probably real-deal wear, so nice. Sauce, impeccable as always. GS, excellent - you tats add a nice level of tough-guy vibe to even basic fits (although those shoes are far from basic - f***in' awesome...). Adik, nice jacket. Stazy, again, I love your outdoor pics. knucks, I think those FreeBee actually look pretty good, espec when your top half is in the shot (your bulk balances them out nicely); yru selling again? Bobo, really feeling this one - great layering. Francis, I have to agree on the sizing up - nothing wrong with being big on top, but imo you're much better off with shirts that suggest a well-defined V shape than ones that scream "yo, check out my gym membership". Something sort of, uh, excessive about the latter. Nice scarf, though, and I agree the Histpers look good. As for the pits... Oh, and jet... Just kidding homes - the white shoes in the third shot are bold - not my style, but I think you make it work. And what's up with bedrooms?
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very nice, but soom cleaner sneakers would make it better. something like charcoal chucks maybe?
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Originally Posted by Bona Drag
Stazy, again, I love your outdoor pics.

I really don't put much effort into my staging. All my shots have been just steps away from my apartment. At any rate, I do agree that they look good

I think my outfits are also coming along. As evidence, I'll point out that my last 3 tries haven't been flamed.
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Originally Posted by tangerine


something here, speaks to me, 1982, lower east side, tire on fire rolling off, a Japanese car. 52 oyster shells, 3 dollars left.

You , decide.
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