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I like the scarf, KF.
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us mil
l.l. bean
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No what happens is it looks funny when one has muscles but has chicken legs.

King Francis is just fit.
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King Francis is quite fit, and should be proud of it, but IMO well-muscled guys shouldn't be wearing shirts that tight. No hate at all--I agree that the Hipsters are great, and with the peacoat on I really like the fit--but I think you could size up at least one on the henley, KF.

Anyway, like I said, other than the too-tight henley, I like the fit. And I really like the scarf.
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Nothing special today, mostly staying in the dorm, exam later. HANESxKNUCKS/GAP/FREEBEE Bonus pic from last night APC Hipster/Spring Court
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agree on the henley, but the rest looks good.

pitstains are unaccepatable however.

kix, cheap, jason, ayn, sauce, rye, braid as always you all looking good.
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Originally Posted by jet
Last weekend, wearing all old shit. I can't bring the heat all at once, gotta intro it slowly ya know.

br silk cashmere sweater and french cuff shirt/gold links
emporio full cut pants from 7 years ago
ck collection shoes
non-fixed hair
It's a start, homeboy.
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I waited too long to take my pictures today so the colors aren't great. Oh well. Lacoste J. Lindenberg Armani Acne AE (A duchey collection of brands today) Bonus Blooper Shot:
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What are those shoes GS? Round last, cordovan ripples, very light color, wingtips? I'm intrigued.
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Jason, awesome as always. In fact, maybe a little more awesome than usual, even.


Because the shadows are a little heavy on that one, a second (not as good) shot, with my feet all weird because I was turning when it snapped:
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GS is making me want to get a pair of Jean Shops
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I like this pic of Sauce better than the contest pic. Very nice - great scarf, nice color accent with the sweater.
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