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College student trying to do his best on a non existant budget. Just to say I tried:

UVA Hat - CVille
Argyle Sweater - Stein Mart
AA Hoodie and t-shirt - AA
Belt - dunno
Studio D'Artisan 103 - Marketplace
Brown/brown Puma Roma - bought from buddy for $5
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
sweater week and a closeup of the hooves[/IMG]

on point.
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ann d. navy coat b of o pinstripe shirt acne jeans margiela shoes
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flsxik, dig. Your consistancy is to be admired. Ayn, jacket +++ College boy unblur the shit, I think you've got an interesting fit there but how could I tell?
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Are you coming out of the closet? ooh that was lame!
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Thanks to Felix from sufu for helping get some german army sneakers. kix, that trench is great. I've been looking for something like that for rainy days. I guess i'm gonna have to keep searching the bay. Great find and fit. rye cough cough
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polo zip cardigan gingham shirt (it's actually Brioni does that fuck up my street cred?) Grifters suede chukkas.
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nice pic^ good to see people getting more creative on Styleforum. thanks for the comments and stuff. Theya re much appreciated
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Experiments in wearing NO real colours. Okay, except indigo. club monaco cardi AA tee dior 19s C'rec cesario lo RyeGB posing style
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Originally Posted by flsxik
another beautiful oregon day army surplus aa tee pbj's wool socks beat chucks random blue umbrella cheers!
it rained by you? i'm over in tigard and all i know of is that it was hailing. haven't seen rain today yet. and i would post a picture (my first) but i changed when i got home from school. maybe tommorrow.
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hahah, im in eugene homie. Its been crazy weather all day
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Rag & Bone dark grey wool hunting coat, Rogan denim western shirt, AA black T, Parasuco olive washed moleskin jeans, black Chucks.
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1st WAYWT post on Styleforum....

Here's some recent fits x-posted from SuFu...Gotta catch up!

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Great fits Tays. Respect.
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only if you've been to seattle during winter would you understand how freakin bright the sun was today....

same cardigan as yesterday
explosions in the sky band tee
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