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Threadless Tee: Diesel Zathans: Lavers:
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vintage detroit shirt, inside out cause im more a fan of the fit than the tigers.
double rl that i distressed with some sandpaper. i dont care, i rock them anyways.
clarks desert trek. ddml knows whats up. best shoe clarks makes. wallys are overated.
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i thought it was time to come out
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wtf, you look real badass. also, you look half asleep. I've found a source of orange tab Levi's locally! CMF please drop me some numbers to look out for with regards to cool orange tab cuts.
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505. 509 is a 505 but cut slimmer up top. both are great. less anti fit than red tabs.
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Got that. I'll go back in a week or so to dig up stuff. I like the smell of dust and old beautiful denim. Found plenty of UNIQLO, Lee, Edwin and Wrangler as well I just wish the condition of the clothes could be slightly better. Also, how old are orange tabs? Just trying to get an idea of how old the stuff in the shop could be.
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i think anywhere from the 60s to the 90s. its easy to tell the newer ones. if it has a levis zipper, its at least mid 80s, and inferior
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inferior i.e. not worth it? how do the more recent orange tabs hold up in terms of denim and construction? i've also found a pair of redline edwin 505x but i'm no good at telling how old those things are. what other markings should i be looking out for?
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look at the back tag. if the numbers look like this: 505-0219, they are late 70s early 80s. if the 505 is printed in a different ink or looks different than the rest of the tag, they should be alright. the ones were the tag looks like it was printed as a whole, no variation at all in ink or sizing or placement, they are fairly new. these ive found are generally lower quality. look at the denim. i have a pair from the late 70s that have nicer denim than my redlines from the same period. very irregular, streaky denim, vertically falling. indigo holds up better too. also, look inside the jeans for the tag. try to find a pair that has the small tag on the outseam, with no batwing logo. should have washing instructions and "shrinks 3%" on one side, and a bunch of numbers on the other. thats another sign of 70s to early 80s levis. if there is no tag inside, and the zipper is not levis, then you have something older than mid 70s.
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whoa that's some good information there. i'll keep that in mind! levi's wise, orange tabs with unmarked zippers are good signs? what about button flys and silver tabs thanks loads mate.
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silver tabs are generally not good. button fly, ive not really seen outside of the 501 on vintage stuff. as far as branding on the zipper, talon 42 is good, scovill is older than that, and general is older than both of them. ive seen ykk, and i think they are around the time levis was switching from outsourced zippers to levis branded zippers.
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this is why i need This Is A Pair Of Levi's Jeans. now if only i could snag serge's copy.
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yeah.. id like a copy too. and paul ts book. all this info ive found on superfuture, various online sources that i couldnt name if i tried, and just looking at hundreds of pairs of jeans at thrift stores and vintage stores. once you see the diffrences they will stand out. i can tell a talon zip now without even opening the fly. i test myself and 90% of the time im right.
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i'm looking at the site right now and for its price a new copy looks quite good actually. i'm going to email them about shipping in a moment. i certainly enjoy the dusty digging amongst the pairs of old jeans on the rack! alot of strange repros that i've never seen before, looking really bleached and ugly too. alot of crap to go through before finding something of note.
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