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Originally Posted by cheapmutha

banana republic
l.l. bean
red wing

Nice facial structure.
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Originally Posted by raley
Nice facial structure.

Where can I cop?
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Rye kills it yet again - major Japonais pr0nz going on there. Re: the vest, I wouldn't rock it, but I think it works here and with Rye's style in general. You've gotta remember he's in LA, where the rules are a little different (not sure where you are, blank), plus he's in the biz.

+1 on Cheap's unreal thriftin' skillz; I'm in the midst of a major dry spell in that dept.

kix is noice as usual; I'll keep the shemagh jokes to myself (the ones involving hipsters AND the ones involving guys shooting AKs in the air).

Sauce - I'm sort of in your boat re: flair (for want of a btter term). I usually go for weird belts, especially cheapo patterned Western-style ones from places like Shepler's (or, as another example, outrageous trad/preppy belts when they go on sale at J. Press); switch out the laces in my Chucks (i.e. red, black or olive laces in white Chucks); and add custom made patches or cheap screen prints to basic hoodies/thermals/etc. Stating the obvious here, but scarves are also a great way to add color in the winter. I find you can do tons with just basic patterns, though; for example, the stripes and the touch of tweed in Cheap's photo have a pretty dramatic effect in terms of adding character to what might otheriwse be a fairly conventional combination (i.e. hoodie, thermal, jeans).

And nice suit drizz.
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Oversized hoodie
SDA 103s
NB boots
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digity digity d, it looks like the hoodie is fitted through the body and arms, but oversized and drape-y at the hood, yes? If so, DIAF, I've been looking for something like that (for, you know, less than $500) forever.
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My homage to 2 of the most consistant style forumers. Try and guess which one is which. hm levis 514 rigid gola stride milsurp bag braidkid Just wow man. By far the best thing i've seen you post before. Everything about that outfit is great. The color of the boots are a great touch. I need to save braid and sauce's outfits somewhere as i hope to be able to dress like that when i have to grow up.
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Blue gingham shirt from Felix in Buenos Aires SDA-105 Martegani pebblegrain cognac chukka quizzical expression
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Originally Posted by Rye GB

Sauce. Good job with the budget contraints. When I first moved to the US I was 21 and living on 104th st on the Westside of Manhattan. I was so skint I'd put aside $15-$20 a week and head to Canal Street Jeans on Lower Broadway for Military Surplus or head to the Salvation Army on West 96th for tee's and jeans. That was probably my most fashionably creative time. I'm still amazed at how many good sneakers you can find at thrift stores, I guess that's why I would always see homeless doods in NY rockin Jordans.

First of all, really like the fit of the R45RPM jeans and the Visvims. That is the first time I've seen Visvims worn in a way that makes me think "Hmmm... maybe I should buy a pair."

As for the above... and now even your flannel shirt is 45RPM Reading your post reminds me of what I wore and how I shopped 10 to 12 years ago, in college! I am looking at what I am wearing today (usual stuff, all posted here before, in a different combination,) and I am pretty sure that the 20 year old me would kick the present day, 32 year old me in the ass. He would actually probably beat me senseless. The youth of yesterday. So angry. Damn that rap music.
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houston cropped coat
gap shirt
h&m brim hat
samurai contests
fuck its cold
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Originally Posted by poly800rock

houston cropped coat
gap shirt
h&m brim hat
samurai contests
fuck its cold
holy SHIT. where can i cop that coat?
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chronouag....thanks, it was really just a lucky shot
polyrock....i like the coat

Today was rather boring. I couldn't think of what else to pair this with.


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Why do you always look so darn happy?
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It got down to 65 or so, so I figured I needed something to ward off the cold. Yoko D BBS Gap PS
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Really that cold in the OC? Got my YD gear today, or says my friend. Apparently the cardi, while medium, is a tad big. Jersey shirt I ordered appears fine.
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... 65 degrees is cold to you? I will join in with the comments about polyrock's coat. It really is unique, but not overly wild. I like that.
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