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I'm seeing double!
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Brian, your shirt is really cool. Is Playhound a Thai brand?
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
It's boring but I committed myself to this so what the hell:

EGxSF belt

BTW Rye I didn't mean to rip you off. But I like this position. It's easy and not aggro-ish.

I'm just tickling my balls when using that particular stance!.
Love the dirty Vans!, jeans look epic.
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Nothing exciting today. Doing all black because that's what us theatre production people do. -Old Navy black hoodie -some old black shirt -some old black jeans -Skechers hard toe shoes with grip soles
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yea, Playhound is a Thai brand. chris picked it up for me in Thailand.
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Gap cardigan crew unite

Gap cardigan
Benetton shirt
vintage scarf
Earnest Sewn
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This blazer is really really interesting with cool details like only one brass sleeve button.

CCS Thermal
Rag & Bone Midnight Blue Blazer
RRL Slim Fit
John Varvatos ankle boots

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^ Nice fit on the jeans drizzt
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18 degrees+ no wind =warm out tonight

vintage parka
relish skull&crossbones sweater
trashed gloves by j. apples
julian red hobo no wash
vintage beatle boots

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Ah, cult. Welcome back to celeb status.
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Armani leather overcoat
BG sweater
7 jeans
TB belt
Zegna socks
PS boots
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Wore this out for a few drinks with friends tonight. Just picked up the Rogues henley -- it has a strange cut at the bottom, with a wider back, but it is so soft and comfortable, I couldn't pass it up. How does it look as a layering piece? I wasn't sure when I went out but I went with it anyway.

Plain white Nautica tee
Rogues Gallery henley
Banana Republic v-neck sweater
Nudie RRDS jeans (almost ready for a wash)
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Paul Smith light blue shirt
Vintage leather jacket
Zara project chelseas

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^^that looks really good on you, nice fit on the jacket, great find.
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j rags
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