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Originally Posted by digital_denim
Loving everyone's scenery, esp Sauce and Kix.
Minya, good to see you looking casual.

Uniqlo Jacket
Sugarcane belt
Contest Sam's
Neil barrett boots

more pics of that jacket D_D
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I could go for more pics of the boots...
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Thanks for the compliments.
Uniqlo jacket is some designer series, either from Scye or Iliad. Got it from Winq on sufu:

Boots are from this great shop The Archive in San Francisco, carrying all kinds of great brands. They had a great 50 + 30 off sale this week. Fuuma and Ayn picked up the same boots in black.

here's the black ones:
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How much were the boots?
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202 w/o tax. They're all out i believe. They had a pair of Ann D military boots that were 300+.
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Wow. That's.. unusually reasonable for Neil Barrett.
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those boots are awesome. thanks for the comments guys!
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782
Do you like Nietszche, Jovan? I dig the Footloose shirt. Who played the Chris Penn role?
That's scary... I wear the same sneakers as him, too. I've never even read Nietsche, though. Uh, it's local theatre so I really doubt you've heard of my friends Thomas and Brad (main and understudy respectively) outside of Gainesville. Our main cast actor for Ren actually modelled the loose Chuck Taylors and jeans for the poster.
Originally Posted by whodini
I was thinking more of well-dressed Elliott Smith.
Originally Posted by Saucemaster
Jovan, nice fit on the blazer.
Thanks. I've actually found my preferred fit for suit jackets and sportcoats now because of it. Just the right amount of waist suppression and movement room.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
Thanks. http://www.sweetadeline.net/ For the music: http://www.elliottsmithbsides.com/ So sorry you don't know who he was, Jovan.
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Wow, Jovan really does look like Elliott Smith.
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... I don't look a thing like him. My hair must be throwing you guys off. I saw Little Miss Sunshine (absolutely hilarious) and know who Nietsche is, though.
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Digital denim, fantastic as always.

My outfit today is very similar to an outfit I posted a few months ago--added a sweater, different shoes:

And a closeup of the patterns on the shirt and slacks:

In total:

Leather jacket, eBay
black v-neck H&M sweater
b/w check Zara button-front
random thrifted slacks
black AE brogues
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Its NOT the hair Jovan. Elliott Smith had short hair.
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