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Nice look Fok - how are you liking those D-1002s? I have a pair of SD-105 (same as yours but RHT) and I think they're the best fitting jeans I've ever owned. The only thing I might prefer is if my 5ep were a size smaller. The next jeans I buy might be the D-1002, but I think I'll have them tailored to be straight legged from the knee down. I did something similar to some vintage 517 cords and the fit is perfect.
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what size is that m65 la guy
if ya dont mind me askin
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Happy Thanksgiving you americans.
I love cold sunny mornings.
UA duffle from rakuten
Scarf by Keri
generic sweater
Contest Sam's
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10th Thanksgiving as an Expat of GB. Happy Thanksgiving. Acne Unknown Brand shoes from Scout LA RPM 45 Belt AA V-Neck Great weather for Thanksgiving in Southern Cali, just saw the rainy weather back East on TV, I don't miss that one bit!.
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Thanks for the compliment.

The D1002s are great. I actually like the very slight bootcut. I have pretty large feet (size 11 US, on a 5' 11" frame) and find that the slight bootcut stacked looks better than a tapered or even true straightleg stacked, especially on slimmer jeans. The color from the grey weft is really unique, and it's nice to have a pair of durable LHT jeans that nevertheless have a very soft hand.

The Nom de Guerre M65 is a medium. For reference, I am a slim but athletic 5'11" with a 6'2-6'3" wingspan, and the fit is perfect, although the lining has ripped at the back of the sleeves (inside, so no biggie at all) because of a slight design flaw. Although there are biswing shoulders, there is no allowance (usually a blox pleat in the lining in suits) to allow for this. I have deceptively larger shoulders (they are pretty broad, but I have slanted shoulders, so they look narrower than they actually are) and even pretty casual movements pull on the shoulder. I have a 39" chest, and I standing straight, the body fits perfectly. Like I said, everything is great excepting that one design flaw.
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yea thanks, i like the fit of it, im 5 11 about 158 (with clothing say a shirt, belt, jeans, and shoes on, no outerwear) i wanted to get one of those maybe..the fit looks quite nice on ya
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i'll put up pics later

harris tweed
nameless black sweater
marooon thermals AA tee
g-star raw core classic (don't hate, they fit well)
beat up vans
messy hair

happy turkey massacre day
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LA Guy, love it, very similar to my default f/w style as well, though your pieces are better. Which basically makes it superior. Damn you! And the cap looks good. digital_denim, I'm really into the fits you've been posting.
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Zegna sportscoat
JM sweater
Cavalli jeans
Prada belt
Zegna socks
PS boots
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Hair by Gatsby Scarf from my Grandma Perry Ellis Tie Thirft Peacoat Fitted Black with White Stripes shirt Express Slim fit Raw Denim Pointy Japanese shoes I make Cheap Clothes look good.
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Whoah, Express has raw denim? Guys, raw denim is over. Time to break out the Sevens.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
Whoah, Express has raw denim? Guys, raw denim is over. Time to break out the Sevens.
Wait....I thought Bedazzled selvege jean shorts were going to be the next big thing? Looks like I'm going to have to make some returns....
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Usual cold weather stuff, red/white/blue theme today. Ben Sherman button-down Penguin v-neck Club Monaco uber-faux selvage slim-straight jeans BR wool coat (some kind of blue/green/black glen plaid pattern), old red/black houndstooth wool scarf from ? Natty Chucks
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planing the weekend...

soundtrack of my day:

SILAS t-shirt
DIOR jeans
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That shirt is cool. I want one that says "Smoke Reefer and Listen to Toots."
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