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By popular demand, here are the color choices for the "khaki" jacket. It is a bit overkill, but this is what we can do. If you have ever dreamed of a fuscia or dijon colored jacket, than you are in heaven! In this set of swatches, the closest color to the khaki is ivory.

I can't 100% guarantee they are all in stock, but 99% of the time they are. Also, the shades of each color change from dyelot to dyelot. Unless you pick a color that goes well with white, black or grey we won't be able to do ribbed cuffs or the trim on the pockets. This is 8.5oz chino twill. The jacket that I have on is 9.4oz twill, I think...

I just wanted to make it clear that this is not a winter weight jacket and it is unlined. If any of you really want it lined, let me know. We can do it for an extra charge.

Edit: My web service is down at the moment. Here are the swatches again...
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5EP Straight Down Zip Resin
J Crew Heather Green Polo
Vintage Brown leather car coat
Sperry Topsiders
Breitling Emergency Mission
Creed GIT
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While I generally like the looks you post, cultpop, I think you may have taken the "streetwear-thom browne" look a little too far on that last one. It'd be a neat jacket if it fit you a lil' better.
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a few people have said that actually but i like how the sleeves and waist come up a bit short. kinda of makes me feel like joey ramone (and since im only 5'5" that's something)

it has been referred to as my frankenstien jacket.
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As posted in the other thread: Breakbeat Science T Black BR Corduroy Blazer 5EP Bootcuts Burgundy AE Captoes Breitling Crosswind Special Creed OV
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^^i like that breakbeat science T^^


vintage frankenstein leather
deathattack scarf
cultpop bowie t
vintage orangetab 517
fubar vans

these jeans are 65% cotton 35% poly and have a bit of stretch. i repaired them with iron-on patches because the fabric has become fairly brittle.
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Originally Posted by cultpop 0217
^^i like that breakbeat science T^^

I'm pretty fond of it too. I bought another T and sweatshirt from them, the only thing I don't like is it takes like 3 weeks to get them if you choose media mail and not much less for UPS ground from the east coast, but oh wells. I also picked up a couple cast ts and kenzo T for presents. Hopefully I'll get them by Xmas haha.
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I gotta seriously start taking pics man
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thrift store tee
levis japan 901 type 1
air force 2
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Blue herringbone Michael Kors polo
Navy with blue windowpane Belvest sport jacket (pattern matches the polo, more or less, but difficult to see from pic)
5EP Straight Zip
Burgundy AE Captoes
Breitling Crosswind Special (Blue Face)
Acqua di Gio
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I like the way those shoes go with your jeans drizzt, and xcoldricex - very cool.
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Rogue's Gallery oversized shirt hoodie Julian Red no wash California jeans Spring Court canvas Mid sneakers "Die peasant, die!"
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Nice Collective jacket (altered from long to short jacket)
AA tee
Sugarcane belt
SDA 103
Springcourt perforated

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Originally Posted by semaj
"Die peasant, die!"
haha, peasant happens to be one of SF's affiliates. wonder if they'd ever stock that hoodie
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Damn, I thought those SD 103 were black :P
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