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Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
That's weird. They're clean (and female) when I send them to jet... something must get messed up somewhere in the chain. Goes a long way to explaining why he never posts pics, though.
Yeah, that happens rather often when you send things long distance. Like this one time I asked Santa for a train set but instead got a pair of white jeans to wear with some $5 boots. Worst Christmas ever.
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camera is still shit, maybe someday it will be fixed

-A smile and this seasons hottest item a farmers tan
-Athletic Works watch
-Grey (or is it gray?) Hanes 'perfect' tee
-Vintage Tony Lama Belt with my name on it and a 'hogs are beautiful' buckle
-Redloop by Levi Strauss and Co drainpipes
-Jackie P's

and I am very tempted to crack into a coke my friend brought me from Iceland
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Thanks for all the great input - I better be careful, this shit can get addicting. Here are the same pants in beige worn lower on the hip without a belt. Any better?

Levis 514 cords (28x30)
Cole Haan boots

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quevola...something odd goin on in the back at your arse...


Belt Deet (cannibalized a J-crew ribbon belt for this):
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
right on. That would be cool to see some other Hart pics if you're ever inclined to do so, how many suits have you made from him?

I think five suits, I also have loads of shirts and ties and a few coats. SH really are my preferred tailor as of recent years.

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quevola, you should have sized up... something. pants shouldn't make your ass resemble a ... (idk, but something undesirable)
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quevola, i had the same problem with my nudie straight sven regarding the wedgie on your ass. Scrap them and find another cut as the back rise is to small for your boy type.
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Originally Posted by shellshock View Post
count me as one of the guys then cause the stuff you think girls like is douchey.

omg thank you +1 +1 + 1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
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quevola, the pants are too small and the shirt is too big. You could try getting a bigger size (or two) on the pants and getting the shirt tailored if it fits you in the shoulders.

At your size, you should be wearing slim fit shirts. So either get your current stuff tailored or go to H&M or Zara and get some slimmer stuff. The other option, of course, would be to go all out and get some Band of Outsiders or Steve Alan shirts. Quite pricey though.
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Can someone with more knowledge explain what causes the rise to go up the crack of your ass like that ?! Is it simply because the top block is to small for the wearer, or because they have sized down and therefore need a bigger size ?
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I disagree with a lot of you--from the front, I think the size and placement is right on the cords. The rear looks a little strange, but it's very hard to tell exactly what's going on because it's a dead-on shot without any depth. That vaguely "wedgie" look could be either because the pants are too tight in the back, as many of you seem to think, or it could actually because it's too loose, and they're sort of "billowing" slightly and aren't laying quite flat. I doubt it's because they're too tight, because he said he pulled the pants down farther on his hips--if they were still that tight in the back AFTER he pulled them down, they would have been completely unbearable before he pulled them down a bit.
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Once again, Saucemistress, thank you for the detailed and insightful look on another man's asset.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
Once again, Saucemistress, thank you for the detailed and insightful look on another man's asset.

I'm afraid that nickname is already taken by my fiancee, and to my knowledge she hasn't posted here. She thinks we're all too weird.


AA cardigan
Some gray undershirt

It turned out to be way too hot for even just a very thin cardigan, and probably too hot for the PBJs... screw you, summer.
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I really like the contrasting greys in that.
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Hey sauce,

I love the look of the pbjs, they seem to stack perfectly. Just out of curiosity, what is your true inseam length? My pbjs don't stack nearly as well as yours and only look good uncuffed with narrow shoes.
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