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H&M henley random gray v-neck APC NS Bigskydream, nice fit on the New Standards.
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pg, best fit in ages my man
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
pg, best fit in ages my man

haha, thanks. I'm really in love with these shoes, its terrible. The last thing I need is an addiction to $500 shoes.
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PG2G, that fit is fucking awesome. Who knew an Express shirt could look so damn good?

Hey, at least you didn't pinch your jeans :P haha.
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Nice Suminandos. Fit looks comfortable and relaxed.
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That looks regular to me, how jeans should fit. Nothing relaxed about it, you've been too conditioned to leotard jeans.
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Bigskydream, because of your pose and photo cropping, whenever I scroll down I think you're Drizzt, and you have found a magical shirt that shrinks your torso. But then it's you. Nice jeans.
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Too dark in the mornings for decent pics:

Jil Sander 3/4 1 1/2 breasted jacket

Jil Sander white shirt

Jil Sander cropped grey cotton pants

Cloak grey suede/black canvas derbies


So hot this afternoon!

Trovata tee

Paul Smith shorts

Bottega Veneta sandals

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Get Smart is so badass
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Kiton shirt
D&G pant
Trafalgar belt
Armani socks
DE bluchers
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You always wonder if kitonbrioni actually looks good in his clothes. I mean, you always see the items and sometimes they're a bit off looking on the rack. Just curious to see if things fit well and look good when worn as a whole.
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Steven Alan Earnest Sewn AE I love these shoes to death heh
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sunday, kinda sweaty

some denim skirt from chile
sandals not pictured
sunglasses in hand
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Antik denim jeans Bape sneakers Bape hoodie
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cool pic shellshock. yr cute!
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