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Originally Posted by BrettChaotix View Post
depends, how many people are you going to fit inside of it at once? or will it be serving as a tent for a small gathering?

+1. Your comment actually made me check out the picture.
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Your second picture is wonderful, Berlin.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
Stylez, what distances do you run? And how are your times, if you don't mind saying? What is your age category? You look like you might run HS or college, and I have a cousin by marriage who is an elite miler.

Im a junior which is senior in HS and freshman in college. I'm more of a distance runner, I've ran a 35-36 minute 10K, sub 16 5K, 9:20 3K, and a 4:10 1500m. We usually dont train for longer distances than the 10K, because my club is more track oriented.
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Rye, I'm a bit scared of posting a Pitti report only because I will end up praising the labels I work with and not saying very nice things about those I don't. All in all, it was an inspiring show. We all know how impossibly early this fair is for the sample manufacturers and because I went on the first day, I expected half of it not to be ready. Well, I got there at 10am and the atmosphere was already going at break-neck speed. Fantastic energy. I went straight to Engineered Garments and had a great time. Now, this is only my second order and I won't get my first delivery for a couple of months but I'm really in love with it. Nautica+Madras+Americana...I especially loved the navy blue ship-steering- wheel-speckled (or were they flowers?) fabric they used for almost everything and the madras plaids in different hues. They had cinch-back flat-front shorts which will be my uniform next summer. Next, I went to Clerk & Teller--- a british label I fell in love with last January. Great shirting and a really strong knitwear collection using Sea Island cotton which felt a bit more robust and infinitely more charming than Smedley. Unfortunately I cannot report on the sportswear/jeans halls as I decided to give them a miss. I also only walked briskly though the Tailoring hall. I only had one day and needed to use my time for my specific needs. One brand I also really liked was Tretorn---the sneakers were just on the right side of interesting without trying too hard and the apparrel had that robust, beachy, washed, beaten by the wind feel but not vintaged that some enlightened designers seem to be doing for next summer--- giving people an alternative from the really-dressed-up-slim-trouser-can't-sit-down-everywhere look propagated by brands from Acne to Hugo. Unfortunately they already have a retailer in my area so they could not open a new account. I also ordered a few pieces from Haversack, the only brand whose samples fit me perfectly (hurray Japan!) and which will hang beautifully beside EG and Folk Clothing.
The Pitti Uomo is always IMHO a great fair to visit because its the kick-off and you get the season's vibes right away. Also, there is such a diverse group of people from the industry that you get an amazing amount of input (whether you like it or not)--- I saw guys in 70's tennis shorts and tucked-in shirts strolling side-by-side with conservative tailors in their bespoke suits --- a mix you'll hardly ever see in any other show.
PS: Forgot to mention, thanks for the kind comments guys. Yes, I dared to take my own pictures amidst the fantastic outfits whizzing around me. I managed to find a couple of quiet corners and set the camera on the holy stones...
PPS: Rye, Now you owe me a Bread and Butter Barcelona Report.
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Thanks Berlin.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post

Happy with that being 22 and in college at the time.

Nice work. That's quite an achievement. Too bad we won't see you in Madison.
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Cranked up central air makes it fall all year round

MJK Bamboo Henley
MJK Jersey Lined Linen Jacket
Corpus Jeans
A. Testoni Shoes (Thank you Yoox!)

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Really like the toe on those shoes. Do they run true to size like ferragamo or ae?
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These are 10.5 and that is pretty much what I wear in other Italian shoes...
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MJK, for some reason I feel that a casual outfit like that would work better with sneakers. Kudos either way though, looks good.
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Those shoes are pretty awesome, MJK. Really awesome, infact.
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same ol same ol

Ben Sherman shirt
Cole Haan belt
Jean Shop jeans
Paul Smith socks
Brooks BrosxEdward Green captoes

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Originally Posted by topik View Post
MJK, for some reason I feel that a casual outfit like that would work better with sneakers. Kudos either way though, looks good.

I don't disagree with that. I just wanted to wear something else besides my white neil barretts...
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What i wore to work today
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You work at Foot Locker or as an umpire, right?
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