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Originally Posted by Eason View Post
Your guesses on what he's wearing are all wrong, you can't even see if he's wearing a belt.

i dont know if youre just joking or just dont know...

kitonbrioni always lists what he himself is wearing
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It's okay Eason, I got it.
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Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
It's okay Eason, I got it.

It's not easy to miss his thousands of posts containing nothing but a list of clothes we can all visualize in our head at will.
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haha my bad i feel like an idiot
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I am personally very interested in this "BJ Belt" he lists. If it's what I'm thinking, it's the best article of clothing ever.
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omg whete too cop?
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So far no hits on the pieces yet I'll give you guys the shoes because there's not enough details to really make them out, they're Santoni Classicos laceup derbys. Still taking guesses on the other two though

<eating cookie>
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I think this may be a normal summer outfit for me... MJK Bamboo V-Neck ES Filson Neil Barrett
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Originally Posted by drizzt3117 View Post
Woooo drizzt is wearing a shirt and no blazer! In regards to what you are wearing It's a pair of jeans and a blue polo shirt
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From earlier today:

Charvet GM Light Blue Mini Check Button Cuff Shirt
Turnbull & Asser for Bullock and Jones Red/Blue tie
Brioni Navy Suit
EG Berkeleys (black) not pictured

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Im very rebellious indeed...

regarding Birks,
I do like how the pair I have (Ramses) look, and I do think it fits my aesthetics.
As stated before, I pretty much got the idea from alot of the rakuten shops that sells americana-inspired and repro stuff. In that context sandals and denim isnt an oxymoron, probably because Japan has a strong history of wearing sandals. I basically went for a more playful "Amerikaya" (sp?) approach to the pieces as opposed to period correct (which explains the flat cap aswell). Might sound absurd and probably is a sign of postmodernism

Originally Posted by jet View Post
I cringe every time I see him wearing those and I think he is truely doing that to spite us Or perhaps a rebellious attitude doing the opposite of what is the consensus in order to get a rise? What I'm surprised at is the fact that SB has such a keen aesthetic eye yet his ownership of those heinous sandals is a clear contradiction of the fact. It can't be that the weather's warm either because that is simply an excuse. Keep doin whatch ya doin Bobo don't listen to us haha!

I start dying every time someone posts birkenstocks (or similar) because I remember one of the guy's response as "the old testament" response in another thread
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Brioni jacket
Boss shirt
ES Fulton
C&J loafers

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bootcut olas drizzt?
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Sauce - even if I was the only one who got the joke, it was a good one

Drizz - I'm going to take a long-shot guess, and maybe it's because I'm checking this thread on my phone and not a quality computer monitor, but are those jeans a dark-wash 7FAM?
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usual shit, in "I'm a little teapot" stance

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