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Originally Posted by Marrakesh View Post
Going to the Club:
(Shirt: Cotton Fabric, Blazer: Dior, Pants: Hugo Boss, Belt: Armani)

does lehnen mean 'hand in pocket' ? sry i have no idea
this look im not liking too much. the matching of different pants and a coat that are similar colors doesnt really 'do' anything for me. what kind of shoes?

and to the previous comments- the pants are from express (outfit with green shirt).
and these khakis are indeed a bit short on me, even after hemming.
(the first outfit is what i wear, the second two are just experimenting)

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lehnen - to lean
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iTunes Playing: With a Red Suit You Will Become a Man by Saxon Shore from the record The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore

Vintage Floyd Tee
45rpm Belt
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Blue Saxon Athletic cotton gym shorts
Red "Play 'Til We Die" t-shirt with football-playing skeletons
Bare feet

Hey, refilling the brominator is not glamorous!
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Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
Simple again today... at least there's a smattering of color for jet.

Originally Posted by Rye GB View Post
iTunes Playing: Deep Down by Calexico from the record Garden Ruin

Rick Owen Jkt/Harley Tee/45rpm Belt/Hysteric G Jeans/Chucks

I was gone for a minute and hey!

Hmmm... Except for the type of hat, Sauce is wearing my summer uniform. I even have a tee (albeit longsleeve) exactly that color. And my Vans are slip ons instead Sk8-His. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, I have nearly exactly Rye's uniform, except that the brands are slightly different (more Italian and British, less Japanese). Incidentally, I was in Nashville over the weekend. Stepped out into the heat and humidity in a jacket, pivoted, and walked right back inside to ditch the jacket. Nice jacket (I thought) but not that nice.
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OK, cleaned up a bit now, as it's time to get the water tested and pick up coffee and a newspaper:

Knee-length khaki shorts (no cargo pockets)
Dark/light blue medium check tattersall short sleeve Matinique shirt
Brown sandals
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New here.

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Originally Posted by sidney View Post
New here.

Welcome to the other SF I'm generally not a fan of the deep v-neck hoodie, but it works well here. I'll tell you what though. Riding that bike is going to hurt. A lot.
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So I was watching "The Unit" last night for the first time and I happened upon this frame... It's the "chicken or egg" debate all over again.
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Welcome Sidney Jeans are grey, not beige!
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Great outfit, can you tell me if that is a suit jacket or a blazer? I think that outfit would look good for a graduation I'm going to.
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Brian, I like it. The fit of the shirt particularly as well as the color all look good. I must admit though the appearance of the trousers as being beige makes it look better to me than it would if they appeared their actual color. Probably due to my lack of creativity as beige is more of a safe (obvious) pairing with the colors in the shirt.
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steven alan shirt
steven alan tee
generra pant
arrow moccasin
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I'm glad to see that the Steven Alan shirt fits everyone the same way. It pulls at the top botton.
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