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What Are You Wearing Now/Today Part I  

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edition. Anyway, Today is Saturday, just like everyother day, so I am wearing a pale blue Yoko Devereaux tee by Adam Walko from the Boy's Club collaboration over beat up old light heather grey stretch long sleeve tee, really dark bootcut Seven Jeans (Brian, eat your heart out) in a wash I've never seen in a store, my Iron Cross Baltazar belt, and black on white Adidas Samoas.
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I am wearing a bright orange Puma hoody, Levi Strauss "signature" dark indigo jeans, and New Balance 706's (my work ensemble) Isn't that exciting.
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White "Little Prince" tee, white with short yellow stripes APC hoodie (I dunno how to convey how amazing I think this looks but if you have the occasion to see that hoodie I think it's from last season, they also made some amazing girl clothes with that material), faded black slim cut straight leg ACNE jeans, black Dubuc belt and Puma Roma white/navy/blue.
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Black T under a fitted white buttondown shirt under a black zip-up, a dark pair of old Diesels from '99, and Onitsuka Tiger 66's in birch/indian ink. Chocolate brown Varvatos suede field jacket.
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Threadless T Lacoste button-up Brooks argyle half-zip sweater PDC LTD Onitsuka Tiger
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~Grey and Orange Lifetime Tee ~Hugo Boss "Texas" Jean ~Bright Red H&M woven belt ~Sociology: A Critical Approach by Karen Anderson Ahh studying... A.
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Got up really really really early for Easter festivities at dawn: Medium blue bootcut jeans from Giordano - probably my favorite jeans, designer or not; thick brown leather belt with two tines and two sets of holes; Adidas Rekord sneakers in brown leather with cream stripes and laces; slim white t, untucked custom shirt from Jantzen - high 2-button cutaway collar, 3-button square barrel cuffs, in white cotton with alternating brown and blue pencil stripes at a 45 degree angle; medium-brown 2-way zip sweater with ribbed collar, hem and sleeves. Fossil watch with white face and brown leather cuff. *takes breath* Over the chair, there's a Lands' End cashmere scarf in camel and brown woven houndstooth, and a Merc London single-breasted fly-front topcoat with center vent and ticket pocket, in camel wool with a violet lining. Peccary Peru dark brown alpaca-lined peccary gloves stuffed into the pockets. EDIT: Merc overcoat.
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Some piece of shit aqua-colored T-shirt that I bought a long time ago in a thrift store for fifty cents with a largely faded/cracked white screen of some sort of obscure mid-Ohio tourist trap. A brown distressed (read: beaten to shit) leather Calvin Klein belt with a sort of gaudy bit of metal adjacent to the belt buckle with the "cK" logo on it that I generally find a way to hide behind a belt loop. Textured jean-cut khaki sort of pants from a brand called Krush that I believe is relatively comparable to Diesel. I found these in a consignment store. They have a good amount of stretch and they break very nicely over various kinds of shoes. Brown zip-enclosure ankle boots that are heavily "distressed" to the point that the leather is cracking and turning weird colors. People have a tendency to think these boots were expensive or are intended to look like this at all. Today is not a day to care.
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Queens of the Stone Age conert last night - very lazy, also dressed not to offend badass bikers. Notably, Josh Homme rocking a very pink shirt. Varvatos Converse WCT II Levis Type Ones from a couple years back. Were very blue... Threadless T Charcoal hoodie from Target Carhartt knit cap in that Carhartt orange-y color.
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Paul Smith teal/mustard tonik buttondown shirt Paul Smith chocolate brown trousers w/small flower print scattered throughout Brown argyle socks Navy blue chisel toe loafers Olive Green Agnes B "jean style" leather jacket
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Commes des Garcons wool shirt/jacket dark gray w/ pinstripes and green accent Green James Perse t-shirt Earnest Sewn hutch 09 jeans (wonder where I go those...) ASICS mexico 66 black w/ light gray
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McAuslan Tee, Quicksilver gray belt and buffalo bootcut pale jeans. Unshaved and unkept, working from home today BTW the tee looks better than all those designer pseudo drinking/sports/whatever-sounds-cool-and-trashy-to-their high-class-minds t-shirts I've seen some fashion victims sporting lately.
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Diesel 'kultur' dark indigo straight leg jeans Red w/white trim vintage 60s shortsleeve pullover sweater Vintage sharkskin/tonik blazer Oxblood gripfast steeltoe shoes
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Lightweight cotton Diesel Rabox pants, white with thin stripe pattern in blue, yellow, and black. Lightweight cotton longsleeve Versace button front shirt, sleeves rolled up. White with black 'V' Pony trainers. White leather cuff bracelet with red stitching accent and large belt buckle style clasp.
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Blue Grey (Melange Navy) American Apparel L/S fitted Thermal undearneath a Brown Yoko Devereaux shirt Nudie Regular Ralf Dry Selvage Jeans Black Chuck Taylor Lows Brown / Brass Engineered Garment Belt
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