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Originally Posted by AE7 View Post
Rather negative experience with this member:


40 (!) letters exchanged, tagged photos demanded, same questions asked, constant look for discount. Unfulfilled promise of purchase. Disappearance. Sudden appearance and yet another discount request. I got to the point where I told the guy that even if I receive a smaller offer than his I would sell to it to another person.

This is my last message to him:

You know the condition of the watch from the pictures. We have discussed that and I agreed to lower the price due to the few scratches. Then I agreed to cover the cost of shipment. The agreed sum was 375 USD. I wrote to you twice that it is the watch and service book only. You wanted to make a purchase last week and then disappeared. Now you show up and raise the issue of the box referring to the description, rather then our correspondence and want more discount. I honestly do not see a point of lowering the price even by 1 buck taking into consideration all the letters I had to answer, all the pictures I had to take and unfulfilled purchase promise. So its either 375 USD or the watch will be sold on a side.

You would not believe it. This guy, AELAYDI, shows up again, saying he is sorry for all what happened and that he is ready to purchase the item for the price I gave him.

Now he disappears again. I would strongly advice any of the sellers not to waist your time with him.

PS The item is sold to someone else.
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Received some beautiful cufflinks from sonlegoman. Highly recommended.
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Just received a pair of AEs from Allaboutshoes. Just what I ordered, flawless. Turn around time was two weeks exactly, probably would have arrived sooner if not for the holiday weekend.
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I bought Banana Republic Pants from user nlakind from this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=247230 I never received the pants. The seller promised to refund my money but after initial response to my message, no further response was received. Please avoid nlakind for any future purchases. Thanks.
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Sold some items to katiedaddy; very nice styleforum member!
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great seller - tweedydon - got a real nice jacket at an awesome price
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Storm33 is a great styleforum buyer; lightning fast payment and very friendly!
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Nothing but good things to say about sellers noobizor and normusmaximus. Got a lacoste polo and an armani tie, respectively, super-promptly in better-than-described condition. Also, though I'm not done with my transaction with randomkoreandude, so far, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences. I'll edit this post once I get my three pants, but I anticipate that it'll be continued awesomeness.
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aportnoy comes through once again with deal-of-a-lifetime stuffs that made my day. I wish you had more frequent FS threads! (but my wallet doesnt!)
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great transactions as a buyer with the following sellers: Steve Smith BklynLaw JhwkMac great transaction as a seller with: cksnipe
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Spoo is the man!
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Mucho happy with Mercuryman76; good transaction with wcl
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I bought some jackets from Qelsem. I can say quite happily without qualification that he's a first rate seller and the jackets arrived much quicker than expected. Cheers Qelsem.
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Just bought and received a suit from somethingclever... communication was great and shipping was speedy. Thanks!
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Just received a shirt from Cid, and the communication and shipping time were excellent. The quality of the shirt was exactly as described.
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