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seconding the previous post. Just received two BB OCBDs from Steve Smith. Answered all questions in a timely manner, delivered quickly and packaged well. Great seller.
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Awesome buying experience with Beatlegeuse

Thank you.
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i had the recent pleasure of doing business with rkw5000 klthomascpa darvin IBJanky unbelragazzo wj2009 shayne_aman All items have shipped. Isn't it great that the canadian postal strike is over!
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Have to give credit where it's due. I recently purchased from the following sellers:

-Steve Smith

The transactions all went smoothly; the items arrived fast and as described. I would do business with them again in a heart beat.
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I will add to the heap of praise for Steve Smith. Purchased a Brooks brothers bag, shipped within three days, condition is great.
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just got a sports coat from ChetBakerSings Great guy!
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Snidely Whiplash is a great buyer, highly recommended!!
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Bought a few pants from C&A. Well packaged and fast delivery. A great communication as well. A transaction went smoothly. Very Recommended. Will be back!
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Great experience with Snacks The Cat. Excellent buyer, friendly, swift payment, good communication. Thanks, Snacks!
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Here's a shout out to hikari013 for conducting a five-star transaction with me this week.

1. Beautiful necktie
2. Reasonable price
3. Seamless financial transaction
4. Reliable communication
5. Speedy delivery

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Great dealing with emc894; fast payment and good communication.
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just picked up a sportcoat from gameover98. Speedy shipping, very generious pricing, and the coat came as described. :-)
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Originally Posted by AE7 View Post
Rather negative experience with this member:

40 (!) letters exchanged, tagged photos demanded, same questions asked, constant look for discount. Unfulfilled promise of purchase. Disappearance. Sudden appearance and yet another discount request. I got to the point where I told the guy that even if I receive a smaller offer than his I would sell to it to another person.

This is my last message to him:

You know the condition of the watch from the pictures. We have discussed that and I agreed to lower the price due to the few scratches. Then I agreed to cover the cost of shipment. The agreed sum was 375 USD. I wrote to you twice that it is the watch and service book only. You wanted to make a purchase last week and then disappeared. Now you show up and raise the issue of the box referring to the description, rather then our correspondence and want more discount. I honestly do not see a point of lowering the price even by 1 buck taking into consideration all the letters I had to answer, all the pictures I had to take and unfulfilled purchase promise. So its either 375 USD or the watch will be sold on a side.

You would not believe it. This guy, AELAYDI, shows up again, saying he is sorry for all what happened and that he is ready to purchase the item for the price I gave him.

Now he disappears again. I would strongly advice any of the sellers not to waist your time with him.

PS The item is sold to someone else.
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Received some beautiful cufflinks from sonlegoman. Highly recommended.
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Just received a pair of AEs from Allaboutshoes. Just what I ordered, flawless. Turn around time was two weeks exactly, probably would have arrived sooner if not for the holiday weekend.
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