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Nataku is a great seller!

But everyone knows that already, of course!
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Originally Posted by Mute View Post
SpooPoker is a top notch. All his items are excellent and he's easy to deal with. No hassles at all. Kudos.

Ditto for Mute - great guy, would work with anytime!
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Originally Posted by nolanmjj View Post
deveandepot1: super speedy transaction, shipment, and great communication (I was the buyer). would def do business with again!

nolanmjj is a great buyer. Very easy to deal with.
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Excellent transaction with TheWGP. This is the kind of guy you want to deal with: courteous, speedy, informative, reliable. Highly recommended.
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Originally Posted by mmoreda View Post
Just got some shoes from Booter. Great price, fast shipping, item as described. Highly recommended.

mmoreda is a great buyer. Super fast payment and easy to work with.
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Just had a good buying experience from davers. Fast shipping and product exactly as described.
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Great experience buying from Mr.K, per usual.
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Thanks to allaboutshoes,those AEs are just fantastic,especially the burgundy one,best color i've ever seen!jrd617 great tie,mat135ta absolutely great MOP buttons and of course SpooPoker awesomest PS and ties ever!
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excellent experience recently with the following: Beatlegeuse csg *Will* LAPL reactmma jeff13007 A pleasure doing business with all of you. Please come again
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allaboutshoes: bought a pair of AE through his Allen Edmonds sale thread. Ended up taking WAY longer to get the shoes than expected/initially promised (took about 2 months rather than the initially stated 1-2 weeks, due to what I hear was an issue with the manufacturer), but did finally get them and quality is top notch. Communication was reasonably speedy and he did offer to refund my money when I asked about it after about 6 weeks--glad I held off though and the shoes finally arrived.
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Just received my item from MalfordsofLondon. Great seller!
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Rather negative experience with this member:


40 (!) letters exchanged, tagged photos demanded, same questions asked, constant look for discount. Unfulfilled promise of purchase. Disappearance. Sudden appearance and yet another discount request. I got to the point where I told the guy that even if I receive a smaller offer than his I would sell to it to another person.

This is my last message to him:

You know the condition of the watch from the pictures. We have discussed that and I agreed to lower the price due to the few scratches. Then I agreed to cover the cost of shipment. The agreed sum was 375 USD. I wrote to you twice that it is the watch and service book only. You wanted to make a purchase last week and then disappeared. Now you show up and raise the issue of the box referring to the description, rather then our correspondence and want more discount. I honestly do not see a point of lowering the price even by 1 buck taking into consideration all the letters I had to answer, all the pictures I had to take and unfulfilled purchase promise. So its either 375 USD or the watch will be sold on a side.
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Perfect recent transactions with: zacattacks Historian Menno878 tweedydon
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Got a pair of Panta trousers from edmorel. Great seller as always.
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distinctive - excellent seller; took a loss on the sale in order to ensure the product made it to me (shipped 3 times). Will buy from him in the future.
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