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Xenos was very easy to work with and shipped very quickly. I'd highly recommend him.
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Unfortunately I was sold imitation goods by stormin10 The Gucci belt and LV belt were both authenticated by purseforum. Well after 625 perfect transactions on Ebay ive finally been done over. I received my RRL jeans from Dave_SFU, delivery took a little longer than expected, but otherwise a great seller. I also received my scotch coat from tweedydon in good order Fanstastic pocker squares from acecow thanx mate!!
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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
SpooPoker probably got good enough reputation as it is, but I really feel like telling my experience with him aswell. Absolutely a fantastic seller! Bought 2 PS from him, and got it 4 days after contacting him. And I live in Norway.

Wow, 4 days? Enjoy them Rolf! Please come back anytime.
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A long overdue thanks to WhateverYouLike on a Z Zegna jacket I bought from him. Jacket was as described and shipped promptly.
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Originally Posted by evolsty View Post
cksnipe and sartorialism: both complete class acts, all the way. Would not hesitate to deal with again.

Thanks! And back at ya!
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Bought a few ties from edmorel, great seller!
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thumbs up for a few buyers:


Very easy to deal with, quick communication and payment. Thanks!
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Me purchase item off member `unregistered' here.
He very very good honest member and look out for his customer.
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Bought a sweater from jobro and it arrived swiftly and as described. Josh was a pleasure to deal with, I would not hesitate to by from him again.
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Got an awesome lot of (17+1) ties and (~6 or 7, IIRC) shirts from celeste_pista. The items were all in exactly as described (pretty good) condition, were *really* cheap for the many Hugo, DK, Armani, Zegna, BB, etc. ties that I got. Better yet, the clothes all arrived in my mailbox, flawlessly-packed, exactly in exactly two days. He's really a tremendous seller--he even threw in two extra dress shirts for me! EDIT: Added a bit more detail
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Bought Borrelli shirts from whusurdadi for an unbeatable price! He's the man!
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Some of the great people I've transacted with on SF: distinctive sartorialism (have purchased multiple times) whusurdadi 330CK frenchy (even though I was a bit uncomfortable sending a check; everything went great) bbhewee prajna12 FStyles NAMOR --- gets special red name because he countered with a lower offer than I PMed him with; Can't imagine that's a common occurrence here at SF B/S. And then my one negative... I had exchanged maybe 15 or so PMs with MiamiRedSkin regarding purchasing one of his two LP cashmere car coats... I had seem them first on SF so I tried to purchase them, but had PMed too late on his auctions. The buyer of one, however, fell through so after seeing it relisted a couple of weeks later, I PMed him and was able to purchase it. All is great (again, there was great communication) but after sending payment, I was told that a housemate had spilled red wine on the coat. I was promptly refunded, and told that I would have a chance to reevaluate my purchase at some sort of discount after MRS got the jacket back from the cleaner. However, I've yet to hear from him regarding post-cleaner pictures and have tried numerous times. He's still logging into SF but is not posting. I'm only out the paypal fees (sent 450, returned about 430 or so) and I'm not certain what SFers typically do in these types of events (as obviously MRS never received the full 450). I'd likely deal with MRS again but I can't help but feel I was maybe misled and/or he found another buyer who was paying more than I was at the last moment.
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Just received a pair of florsheim shells from Kitontini. Real smooth deal!
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undarted = good seller.
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