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Theyare is an outstanding seller. I am thrilled with the magnificent Belvest jacket along with two pairs of Mabitx slacks which I received a few days ago. Theyare is also responsive and responsible. This was proven when we encountered some problems with payment transfer.
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Great experiences with:


Thanks all!
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Another quick and easy buying transaction from earthdragon; great packaging and fast shipping.
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I just got a tie that I bought from jrd617, he was a fantastic guy to work with and I'm thrilled with my purchase!

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yeungjai is a great buyer!
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Great seller in TintoTerra
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ZachB911 gets my stamp of approval - extremely fast shipping and the product is exactly as described. thanks, zach.
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thanks to rugger for the excellent purchasing experience. recommended seller
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mrbrad Is a great customer!
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Just bought a pair of shades from Aaron01. Great seller, super-fast shipment. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by cioni2k View Post
Just bought a pair of shades from Aaron01. Great seller, super-fast shipment. Thanks again.

Thanks. cioni2k is a great buyer, very fast payment and easy to deal with.
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thanks celeste_pista for the Canali Casual SSleeve Yellow Shirt purchased and received!
post #4739 of 5449 is a great guy. I had a great experience of dealing with him. SUPER!
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I bought the Pal Zileri SC from here:, and had some trouble first time after years of ebay and B&S dealings. - 16th of Feb: I paid to a german bank account as requested (it is not so unusual to have to pay bank in advance when dealing with eg. sellers, so I went for it - I am in Finland so a cross border transfer) - 23rd of Feb: got a message from seller that the money had been received and the SC would be shipped that afternoon, and that I would get the tracking code - 6th of March: had not heard anything or received it, so e-mailed to seller requesting a tracking code, without getting any response - 8th of March: I noticed that the sf-member selling the SC had also an ebay account so messaged him through the ebay system requesting the tracking code - 8th of March: he told that he had posted it on friends behalf, whose e-mail address was on the B&S ad, and would contact the friend - 10th of March: had not heard anything so messaged the seller and sf-member again - 10th of March: the seller then e-mailed me that the SC had been mailed over 2 weeks ago from that and he would try to find to tracking code next day and reply to me then, and suggested that I probably had given him a wrong address - 12th of March: had not heard anything, e-mailed the seller requesting information and tracking code - 14th of March: had still not heard anything, e-mailed the seller and messaged the sf-member, got a short response from sf-member that maybe it has been delivered to my work address (where it should have been in first place) - 15th of March: the SC arrived! According to tracking code it was shipped 3rd of March So happy ending to a sad story - but I cannot understand the lack of communication. I got a single BS response from the seller for my multiple e-mails about the delivery problem, and all he would have had to tell was "Sorry, it got shipped late, here's the tracking code" and I would have been more than happy. Now the fishiness got me already planning on filing a fraud suit. The SC however is quite nice, clean, fits great and even Fratelli Tallia di Delfino Super 120's fabric, not mentioned in the listing.
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