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Just bought some NOS Tricker's from justsayno, and I have to say that he's the man... sent them priority from California to the East Coast, with tracking, completely unasked for. It got to me in 3 days...

I would have been totally happy with parcel poast, but that was really nice. Thanks, man.
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I just completed a purchase from louisvilledoc, and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. Item was beautiful, shipped immediately, and he was extremely courteous to deal with.

A definite asset to this site.
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Originally Posted by East Oakland View Post
I've been doing a lot of buying here lately, so apologies if I missed anyone, but I have had great transactions with:

Homer J, theyare, hitokiri8, KaiserSose, gregaz, mfadam, calisanfran, WhateverYouLike, guy321, gshen, infinitus, JohnnyLaw, sonlegoman, lefty, 95///M3, and Opermann.

Thanks guys.

Thanks. East Oakland is a pleasure to deal with too.
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Just sold some trousers to Crooow...easy transaction, great communication, and no drama. We need more buyers/sellers like this guy. Thanks!
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Recently bought from SimonC - awesome seller, simply great!
DCPHIL was also a very good seller!
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Great transaction with drama and speedy shipping.
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Got much stuffs from malfordoflondon recently - fast delivery, great stuffs and excellent prices. What more to say.

Also got a nice Drake cashmere tie from Gininteacups. Smooth deal, and fast delivery.

And a flannel trousers and ocbd from Parker - excellent stuffs at very good prices.
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Namor is a class act buyer.
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are all great sellers.
Excellent deals and good communication by all of them.
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Originally Posted by joezm81 View Post
Had a great experience with my suit purchase from sartorialism. Excellent communication.
I would highly recommend him as a seller.

Right back at you!
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Namor: Easy to deal with buyer.
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tsexports: after negotiating price he announced he couldn't pay for 4-5 days. I said I understood and could wait for him. He PMed today backing out of deal.
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Excellent sellers: NachoBroadway intfxdx MalfordOfLondon padronlover
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GREAT transaction with Alberts! I've had several other great transactions as well!
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