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Just received a Huntsman coat from blofeld that surpasses all expectations. Not that he was responsible for fit or anything, as I had to know my size, but the fit could not have been any better if it was made for me. A great transaction overall. Thank you.
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Bought some fragrance from Rioni. Great dealing with him. Fast shipping too.
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Lots of great buyers recently, including

giraffe lookout

Thanks, chaps!
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Great experience with buyer jwhayles. Fast payment and smooth communication. Enjoy the tie!
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Smooth transaction with nerdykarim.
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had a great transaction with jpo
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Bought for Isaia ties from PocketCircle. He shipped quickly and the ties are amazing. Highly recommended seller.
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Had a very strange experience with buyer JonEdangerousli - would definitely recommend care with this guy. He sent me profanity-laced tirades and ultimately backed out of the transaction. Not real sure what his issue was - just a caution to other sellers.

As long as I'm here... let's try to update a little bit!

Pleasant dealings with buyers:

Great trades / purchases with:
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^ Ditto, WGP! Thanks and enjoy!
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Had great experiences buying from the following: sartorialism padronlover rioni ...and selling to: edwinl Thanks guys.
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Recent great experiences with the following buyers. Each one is highly recommended. Moss AlexP mmhollis answerman AndOne Tano JohnD356 Jamesgatz Tim_Whatley bandeapart darvin rdlrkl SMUD nero Matt B sm1810
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Frenchy was great as a seller drducky great buyer
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"boo" is a great seller - fast shipping too!
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Got a few of the handmade pocket squares from sonlegoman.

Very nice work from a highly recommendable seller.
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Very pleasant transaction with Beav
Quick payment and good communication
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