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same to you Tor, it's been cool selling to you over the past year
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Just purchased some J&J Minnis cloth from AndrewRogers. Great guy to work with! Communicated very quick and very clearly, and got my package shipped out the day after paying. A***** Seller!
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I want to do these in bunches so that I don't clutter up the thread. First, excellent selling experience with amerikajinda. Payment was prompt, communication was the strongest I've ever seen and he was very pleasant to deal with. Second, excellent recent buying experiences with dclloyd, Orgetorix, and jdottaz. Prices were phenomenal, items arrived quickly and as described, and communcation was strong. Recommended. Finally, I'd also like to put in a word for philosophe and JCM. I did not end up buying anything from these sellers, but they were very understanding about transactions that fell through, immediately refunding my money without any questions asked. Their overall concern was for my satisfaction, and I thank them for their honesty and integrity in reporting flaws on the merchandise I was interested in. More to come...
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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post
Just a quick note: recent good buying experiences with Whusurdadi,

Thanks - only good stuff from you too, Tor...
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Originally Posted by rioni View Post
FYI, I had paypal funds put on hold/removed after buyer kevin1968 made payment. Thankfully I didn't ship as payment was received late Friday. I've since been told by the buyer that I can cancel the order if I would like. The shipping address was paypal verified. I will let you know what the outcome is.

Isn't this the second screw over in a short time period? What's going on with this?
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First two pairs of incos arrived from the current frenzy from chorse123. Most of you know about chorse / J anyways, so I don't need to gild the lily further, just count me in among the throngs of his highly satisfied customers.
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I recently sold some goods to:


fast payers and good communicators all.
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Purchased from jhcam8 on Sunday, the package arrived on Wed., and the suit was well-packaged and exactly as described. Great transaction.
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chorse123 is highly recommended. Contacted him about an imperfection in incotex, he refunded a partial amount at my request immediately. Not expecting such good customer service and fast response on a forum!
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Bought some shoes from distinctive - excellent seller with great communication and super-fast shipping. Highly recommended!!
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A special thank-you to quality seller sho'nuff -- one of the most upstanding members in all of styleforvm. Anyone who knows him knows he's extremely generous and incredibly unselfish. Out of the goodness of his kind heart, he held a Super Bowl contest of which I was the eventual winner, and as a result, he sent me a sweet pair of EGs absolutely free and he even paid for postage despite my protestations. Thank you, Brian! You are a tremendous asset to the styleforvm family.
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Purchased a pair of wool incotex trousers from boo and the experience was great, highly recommended.
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great buying experience with NorCal_1! And, if I might add, his antiquing skills are incredible! Highly recommend!

USPS made a stop today and delivered the Alden and Lobbs from distinctive's recent sale. A great buying experience with excellent communication. Another highly recommended seller!
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Just got some lovely Talbott pocket squares from stamp0102 - great seller who ships quick and packs carefully. Would buy from again. A++++++++
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Pet-peeve/general request: I'm sure it's the bad economy, but it seems like some newer/younger sellers have been hitting up every thriftstore they can find and flipping the stuff here, sometimes for a hilarious/egregious markup. That's fine; that's capitalism and if people want the item, they'll pay. BUT, I DO ask members to be VERY careful and VERY WARY of the "high brand/designer" items they find randomly and then flip here, because in many cases these items are FAKE. I've seen at least 3 threads with inauthentic high-designer items in the past week or so, each one completely innocently sold by the seller. Just because it says "GUCCI" and you find it for $2, doesn't mean it is real and should be sold here for $85. PLEASE PLEASE do your homework first; members trust here that sellers are selling them legit goods.
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