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Originally Posted by amerikajinda View Post
Just off the top of my head I recommend the following sellers (in no particular order) whom I've bought stuff from in just the past year - chobochobo, rach2jlc, AnGeLiCbOrIs, gregaz, mljones99, randallr, jmonroestyle, chorse123, hammerhill, drducky, slycedbred, robin, sho'nuff, and the aforementioned HomerJ (sorry if I've forgotten anyone - needless to say I've never had an unpleasant transaction here.) All of these guys are top-notch sellers and upstanding individuals whom I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from again.

Thanks for the rec Amerikajinda!
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I've bought many items from Ed Morel, Chorse123/aka Howard Yount/aka Jamison, and Lance at All are terrific sellers.

I've also had good experiences with whusurdadi. I'm sure there are other SFer's I've dealt with but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
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In recent memory, warlok1965, 1969, edmorel and bdeuce22 are great sellers.
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Generally good experiences with SF sellers. Bought several times from Ed and he merits the praise. On the other hand, without naming names . . . one recent experience left a bit of a sour taste. Went for a fairly expensive item (for me at least, was $500+), paypal'd the seller immediately, then . . . nothing. After 4 days or so I ask the guy for a tracking number, no response. A day or two later, I ask again, the guy says he's just shipped but the tracking number is somewhere else and he'll send it later that day. Again, nothing. About 9 days have gone by now and I ask again, a bit more aggressively. The guy replies, "check your paypal for the number" I do and in fact he had just shipped. The item arrived today, will need some tailoring but it's pretty nice. So again, mixed feelings on this one. Seems that at least you should get responsiveness and common courtesy from sellers.
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I have had great experiences purchasing from aportnoy. His asking prices are great, and he has been beyond generous, friendly, and gracious in my interactions with him.

I have also had good experiences as a buyer with (in no particular order) AnGeLiCbOrIs, canvas01, earthdragon, AJM, heard546, Tidybeard, and Osprey Guy.

Outside of this forum, I have had good experiences buying from Ron Rider.

EDIT: I inadvertently left rach2jlc off my list. I blame my iphone which suffered a browser crash during my initial attempt to post this. That attempt had John listed, but somehow he was left out during my second attempt at posting. In any event, John is a quality seller.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of the above individuals.

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I've purchased many items from various sellers on SF and have never had a bad experience.

On the other hand, I have occasionally ran into problems with getting a timely response to questions related to purchasing an item. IMO, if someone is trying to sell an item, he or she should be on-top of his/her PM's and respond asap, not when he "gets around to it." Most recently, I planned on purchasing 3 items from a seller, who responded to my initial PM. However, he never provided his Paypal info or addressed my subsequent purchase inquiry. I have not heard back from him for a week despite sending a follow-up PM. At this time, I have completely lost interest in purchasing any of the items. If one takes such a passe attitude when trying to sell an much effort will be put into packing/mailing the item?
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Nothing but good things to say about Holdfast...always great stuff, friendly and honest seller.
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As opposed to the auction site who must not be named, I don't think I've had a bad experience yet - and I've spent waaaaaaaay too much money to try and name all the awesome sellers...
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All deserve

I'm sure I've forgotten a few, too.
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Originally Posted by aportnoy View Post
All deserve

I'm sure I've forgotten a few, too.

the ultimate in validation!
thanks andrew
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Thanks Andrew - nothing but positive experiences, both buying and selling.
Have purchased from Ed, Lance, AnGeLiCbOrIs, STF etc.
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post
Nothing but good things to say about Holdfast...always great stuff, friendly and honest seller.

Thanks for the nice feedback!
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Thanks for all the feedback! Also, I kind of like the way B/S feedback works on head-fi where there is a sub-forum. Each member who has bought or sold has his own individual thread.
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Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post
...amerikajinda and a few others...
Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post
...amerikajinda amongst many others.
Originally Posted by HomerJ View Post
...amerikajinda... [stands] out off the top of my head as top rate.
Originally Posted by harry2quinn View Post
...Amerikajinda [is] exceptionally professional!
Originally Posted by Spatlese View Post
I'd like to single out teh jinda for service / responsiveness that was above and beyond...
Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post
Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol View Post
EasyGoing, twotrey, and Jinda were recent, pleasant buyers.
Originally Posted by gregaz View Post
I had a very good sale experience with amerikajinda.
Originally Posted by rach2jlc View Post
Consistently EXCELLENT buyers are chobochobo, thomas, jinda, wind88, RedScarf7, and MANY others that I just can't think of off hand. Consistently EXCELLENT sellers are ed, jinda, whusurdadi, and some others I'll think of and add when they come to mind.
Originally Posted by Grayland View Post
Great Sellers EL72 ChoboChobo Amerikajinda GreekGeek AlanC
Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
...Jinda and Padronlover are two that stand out.
Originally Posted by SUPER K View Post
Many thanks to amerikajinda. Prompt, Professional Seller
Originally Posted by Jutter View Post
Always fantastic good experiences with SF sellers I purchased from !!!! (Chorse123, Edmorel, Amerikajinda , El72, NOLA1,, Leon12, Aportnoy, Vman, Boo, etc...).
Originally Posted by tonylumpkin View Post
I recently had a terrific buying experience with Amerikajinda. Excellent item...great communication and customer service that can't be beat.
Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post
Just a quick note: recent good buying experiences with Whusurdadi, Rioni, Hamm23, Amerikajinda, SoCal2NYC and sho'nuff.
Originally Posted by holymadness View Post
First, excellent selling experience with amerikajinda. Payment was prompt, communication was the strongest I've ever seen and he was very pleasant to deal with.
Originally Posted by intent View Post
Good transaction and communication with amerikajinda. Thanks!
Originally Posted by Nataku View Post
Thanks to Amerikajinda and Whacked for some great traded shirts! Two nice guys to deal with
Originally Posted by rioni View Post
amerikajinda has given me socks and for that I give him praise.
Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post
amerikajinda: perfect transaction!..
Thank you all for the nice feedback!
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Great things to say about Holdfast. I purchased a RLBL suit that I am very happy with. He always responded quickly when I had questions. Same with Heard546 (tie) and Osprey Guy (tie). Excellent communication with both and the ties exceeded my expectations.
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