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cheessus is an excellent buyer. prompt purchase and payment.
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I ordered more than $400 worth of gear from JCrew using hossoso who offered to proxy for me.

This was last September. He confirmed that he received the goods and that he would find out how much shipping would be and get back to me. After a whole bunch of emails he told me he had the figure and would let me know what is was very soon.

I have sent dozens of emails and PMs since. And not had a single reply. It would be great to hear from him and receive my order. If anyone knows how to contact him IRL or has had a similar experience I'd love to hear from them. This has been a very disappointing experience.
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Just received a decant from user joel_954. Great seller, everything arrived safely and timely. Thanks for everything!
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Easy transaction this week with darkamage and Kilofighter.
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Bought from Atsui (jay) at Blueowl and his reputation on the board is well deserved and doesn't need repeating, but I'll just add that the transaction speed, communication, advice was fantastic. Completed transactions with: pridecake JD_May user7 Kent Money bassmanpatsfan18 fasterstill itsmedeka All good sellers
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Sold items to jae3 and Billbeme. excellent communication and prompt payments by both.
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I usually don't post in here, but lately with certain sellers and buyers, I've had less-than-desirable transactions. I purchased a pair of used sz. 30 Skulls from deadmarines in December, and they took nearly a month to get here. Given that it was Christmas time, I expected a little slowdown, but nothing took more than 10 days to arrive. When it finally did, I realized why it took so long--he bought the equivalent rate in stamps, instead of paying for parcel post.

The jeans didn't fit, so I posted them up for sale, and they were purchased by Johnny5. He claimed that he was going to purchase them from deadmarines when he originally posted them, but I beat him to it. When he received them (I took a hit selling them, and paid extra to get his shit overseas), he noted that there were some flaws in the jeans, arguably consistent with jeans of that much wear, and were not caused by me (I literally shipped them back out the same day I received them). All in all, I reimbursed Johnny5 $20 for repairs, and I lost $50 total in the process--instead of both myself and Johnny5 taking a small hit on the jeans (myself for re-selling and shipping, Johnny5 for repairs he claimed he 'had to make' in order to wear them), I had to shoulder the entire loss. I told Johnny5 I'd prefer to never deal with him again--maybe I'm being a whiny bitch about it, but to me, he offered no negotiation, and no compromise. He was a real pain in the ass to sell to.

I also recently purchased a pair of Dior 19cm's from another member (I'd rather not disclose who he is--he was kind enough to ship them up to me in Toronto via UPS), but they were advertised as raw selvedge. I got non-selvedge indigo. Not a dealbreaker, but had I known this from the outset, I probably wouldn't have bought them.

I purchased a blazer off another member 2 weeks ago, and I was told that the blazer was cotton. WRONG--when I received it, it was wool. There was also a tear in the lining under the arm, and the stitching down the back was definitely strained. Again, I felt it wasn't worth pursuing--it would seem petty for the price I paid, but had I known about this before buying, I would have passed.

January and February have not been particularly good months for me on SF as either a buyer or seller. This is not to say that I haven't had some great transactions in the new year (pridecake, tvontheradio, treysfull, whusurdadi, emfa123, foxnwolf, LuneSoleil, londonj, and thethreeman, to name a few! You were all awesome), but it concerns me that I'm running into more mildly deceiving sellers, and unusually difficult buyers. Maybe this comes with buying and selling more on the internet (I'm aware of the risks that need to be taken with buying and selling online), but it's a shame that many of the reasons I don't buy and sell as much on eBay anymore are starting to creep into the SF BS forums.

Caveat emptor!
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Had a great experience buying from Brothersport.
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This is more polite and prompt service than I'd get in the UPS store. Probably shipped faster than them too.

That's about the highest praise I can give TrailofTears. Literally within an hour of payment they were in the mail.
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see below
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Just received my APC New Cures from humperdink. Excellent seller, fast responses, incredibly well packaged, and rapid shipping all the way from Boston to Edinburgh (UK).
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float took extra care when packing a pair of sunglases to be shipped across the ocean, and it showed. Got here in reasonable time in perfect condition. Thanks!
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RichardK is a great buyer.
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I bought a sweatshirt from melwoesblvd and not only is it exactly as described but it arrived several days earlier than I expected. Great seller.
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jotadinero responded and shipped very quickly.
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