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Do not trust seller BeatLA . I bought a pair of shoes from him, and although he provided tracking, the shoes never got to me. He promised me a refund but did not keep his word, forcing me to open a pay pal claim. I won the claim and got my money back but I would never trust what this seller says if I were you. He is not a man of his words.
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Also bubba04 is a flaker
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Boom. Headshot. China might actually be a good place to lay low for some time, homie. That being said… Avoid Harbin like the plague.
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What a motherfucker.
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BeatLA, Dude that sucks, this guy def is up to some shady shit.

So did you ever get the shoes back from him? I'm just trying to understand, are you out the shoes and the money? What was the final/latest status when you put the USPS tracking number into the site? What does it say? Does it say delivered or returned to sender or what? So he posted above he did a paypal dispute, since he claims he never got the shoes, but did paypal actually take the money out of your account, or were you covered by paypal seller protection or whatever its called? Have you tried showing paypal this or anything? I really hope your not out the cash and the shoes, let us know.

Harbin, Man you need to make this right, asap.
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Just read this. Harbin, man the f-ck up and get it straighten out. Mods rarely step into B&S, but the evidence shows you are trying to scam people on the forum.
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Good thing I "flaked out" on him. And he wanted me to send payment as "gift". Fuck that. Thanks for the quick judgement pal.
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I admit and regret attempting to make money off of BLA. I have sent him an email of apology and will ship him back the shoes after I am home from my trip, and I'll provide evidence of it. I've sold to over 50 different users here already and there were only two problems which both has been resolved. I'm sorry to the sf community and especially to BLA. Hopefully judging by my previous records of numerous transactions here I can regain a decent reputation.

Regarding bubba04, please don't give people the idea that I ask my buyers to specifically gift me the money. Read your inbox and you can even take a screenshot, I asked for gift OR ADD 4%.
Originally Posted by bubba04
Interested in the blue checkered J Crew light weight shirt. Will you do $40 grand total on it? I'm in the US.

Thanks in advance,

Sure, sounds good. Please gift $40 or add 4% to ******** and I'll get it out to you tomorrow. If you send as gift, please also pm me your address you would like me to send it to.

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Just curious... why did you do this? You seem to be an ok dude, what changed? I think thats what a lot of people are wondering... and depending on the reason might make the SF community a little more forgiving, because B&S really does work on trust.
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I have no shoes and no money. Harbin left for China. I have sent Harbin a paypal request for the amount which he ripped me off for, he has not paid. I did receive an email from him yesterday after I responded to his post here. He obviously read it and this is his response:


If I do not receive a paypal refund from him by the end of the day I will be forced to appeal the case and submit all of this evidence showing that he does actually have the shoes and has been scamming myself and everyone involved. I do not trust ANYTHING this person says and am offended that he wants to send me the shoes back. What's wrong, worried no one else is going to buy them after all of this?!?! Grow up and act like a man. Send me the payment and this can be over for you...
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Refund is in order. NO more bullshit. And feck off from here ànd SuFu afterwards. I'll be keeping an eye open... devil.gif
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Received fragrance from Rambo, great man! Shipped quickly and a first-rate seller.
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Harbin just sent payment after trying to negotiate his way out of a few extra dollars. I am going to remove his personal information from my original post but please let me say this one last time, DO NOT TRUST HARBIN. He is a liar, cheater, and should be banned from this and all other communities like it...
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Never mind, I cannot edit my post.
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I sent the payment. Obviously I regret doing this and shoreman gave me a good quote "thieves never prosper". If you are wondering why I did it you can look at my email to BLA. Anyways, hopefully everyone who reads this can learn a lesson like I did.

@BLA, I only asked you if I needed to add a fee to $208, which is already an $8 fee from $200. I was confused because I thought $208 already included the fee; somehow this translates to trying to negotiate my way out of a few dollars? Anyways, I would hate me too if I were you so it's fine.
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