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recently sold to Il Capo and bought from Walter Williams both excellent transactions. Good people. Thanks
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Had a great transaction with xander_horst. Rapid communication and shipping, plus my girlfriend forgave me for purchasing yet another cap because of the great paper it was wrapped in.

All around great experience.
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Just received Dior boots from linkinwayne. Shipped extremely poorly wrapped in bubble wrap, they were described as a "9.5/10" but have been resoled (of which I was not informed) and are probably more like a 6. I don't know how much damage was a result of them being mostly unprotected and shipped without box, or whether they were this beat when he shipped them. Either way, i am generally unhappy with how the whole thing went, including the month or so it took to actually get them after the guy had been paid. I would recommend AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH linkinwayne IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Good communicator until he got his money though.
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pelicans =
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Just bought and received a pair of jeans from tonio028. Jeans were shipped quickly and as described.

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I purchased a Porter bag from dmash. He worked out a good price with me, even held the product for me, and provided great service and expedient shipping. Overall, a flawless transaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from him again.
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sipang is a fantastic seller with great taste. Highly recommended.
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Hi, not too active on the discussion side of things (an avid reader/lurker) but have had many good experiences in the buy/sell forums. Just want to give my thanks and big tick of approval to;

Mr. Moo
sjmin209 x2
baba booey


... and more to come


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Had a great transaction with Crooow. Prompt communication, shipping, and accurate descriptions and measurements of the item made him a pleasure to do business with. Would recommend to any buyer on SF.
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madmadigan is legit. Good seller, same day shipping, got it within the week.
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burningbright was an absolute gentleman to deal with, with prompt communication and payment; the kind of buyer that makes this such a nice forum to participate in.
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bowvalley2000 is a great seller, shipped very quickly!
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Wootx was easy to deal with, polite, and kind. Great buyer! Dunno if this is the right thing to do but Sonnyfive is a flaker and after having asked me a ton of questions and even after having gotten to the step where I give him my paypal, he simply vanishes without a trace. Typical things every seller has to deal with so no big deal. Though it sometimes just makes me want to quit being polite and timely with my responses because it seems that some people are just really unappreciative of your time. /vent Also bought from Huckleberry recently, though I can't provide any details as of yet, since I haven't received my item yet (no big deal, international shipping takes a while, I know). I'll edit this post later when I do get it.
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wrongandright <-- good seller, item as described, consistent communication, prompt international shipping.
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i've just received the sweater I bought from hobojones. The transaction has been smooth and he is extremely helpful and understanding. Thanks!
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