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Originally Posted by jslade View Post
Not the biggest fan of BMRC_Doves. A few people have warned me in the past about him being a major flaker, and I had the displeasure of experiencing it first-hand. From what I've heard from others, he expresses great interest in the item that you're selling, asks questions, and then more questions, expresses further interest, and then suddenly disappears and doesn't even have the courtesy to tell you that he doesn't want it anymore. Do NOT ever hold onto anything for this guy. Chances are that he will flake on you, and you will lose interest from other potential buyers as a result of you holding an item for him. I had it happen to me after hearing about his ridiculous behavior from others, and thought that I'd be the first to call him out on it.

This is all.

This shit happens all the time. The way I see it now, if a deal hasn't been reached within a total of four messages exchanged between both parties, then drop it. Not worth the time or the effort.
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Originally Posted by bakatora View Post
Bought some alden little tanks from tgtg, great communication, fast shipping and very well packaged. Item arrived as described, in good condition.

Would order again! Thanks!

Ditto! bakatora great buyer, fast and good communication. Happy to do business with again.
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Originally Posted by contactdo View Post
I recently exchanged Alden + Context Roy boots with tgtg since we each wanted to size up/down. He kept in contact and responded quickly. He was nice enough to ship the shoe trees a few days after he shipped the boots once we realized that we also had to exchange shoe trees due to sizing. Thumbs up and very trustworthy. Thanks again tgtg!

Seconded! contactdo was great to work with, a standup guy. Highly recommended.
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Sold a pair of Alden Indy's to Tsuji, great buyer. Friendly guy, good communication, fast replies, no problems.
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Bought a jacket from moolala. Super fast shipping, great seller.

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Originally Posted by Torrente View Post
Perfect smooth professional proxy service by Rover! (Route: Germany-London-Zagreb)

Highly reccomended.


It was a pleasure doing business with Torrente, great guy and a smooth transaction.

I've also had good transactions with


All great buyers, thanks guys!
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Originally Posted by dvskei View Post
Bought an RRL scarf from King Leer, sent payment....sent a few PMs asking what is happening and all ignored. Item is still up on his ebay. Im out 60$ for trusting SFers (PP gift)...at least it wasn't something more expensive. Alternate usernames: roygibiv (at) gmail, roygibiv (eBay).
I'd give him the benefit of the doubt unless he's been logged in recently - I've had positive interactions with KL in the past. I doubt he'd hustle anyone for a measly $60.
Originally Posted by jms View Post
Great experience purchasing from airportlobby. Very accommodating, highly recommended.
Thanks, jms, my pleasure - great buyer.
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Just bought some shoes off of jt2gt. Fast. Good communication. Thumb's up.
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Do not EVER buy from user Jiratic He bought a pair of APC jeans - apparently he didnt like them, allthou measurements where provided so he opens a paypal disputes. His reason stated was "didnt receive the jeans" How can he say "significantly tailored" and ask for a return if he has not received the jeans? Stay away from this guy.
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winston86dit: Amazing seller. Great stuff, great prices, and a very pleasant person to deal with. Should have bought a few more things but they were snatched up before I made up my mind.

On another note, has anyone dealed with trynottobetrendy? I bought a pair of Dior Painted Skys from him about a month and a half ago. He was extremely helpful before I bought them, and after I paid, communication was cut off. I never received the jeans, and emails have not been answered. I opened a Paypal dispute, and still nothing. Being out $300 sucks.
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Had the best kind of interaction with grit, who bought a shirt from me. Straightforward, fast communication, followed by immediate payment.
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Just received a package from Servo2000. The sweater was packaged great, he shipped it fast, and was quick to reply to messages.
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Chadley, shoeb0x, yawn, Dave_SFU

Great buyers, paid in a timely fashion and had good communication throughout.
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skyline is an excellent seller. Great communication and quick to ship.
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Thanks back at textandaction for the quick shipping and a nice shirt!
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