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Bought a pair of EG pants from Robin. Very fast shipping and the pants are great. Thanks!!
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Bought some pants from deadmarines: perfect deal.
Sold to konig: went swimmingly.
Bought from pkraus79: excellent!..

Currently buying a shirt from keikun13, update soon!..
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Did some business with sho'nuff and Somatoform last week and I highly recommend both.
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thanks guy
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Received my Skull 5010xx's from nairb49 today. Fast delivery (a fellow Canadian) and responded quickly to my PM's. Would do business with him again!
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Special streetwear shout-out to quality seller sho'nuff -- one of the most upstanding members in all of styleforvm. Anyone who knows him knows he's extremely generous and incredibly unselfish. Out of the goodness of his kind heart, he held a Super Bowl contest of which I was the eventual winner, and as a result, he sent me a sweet pair of EGs absolutely free and he even paid for postage despite my protestations. Thank you, Brian! You are a tremendous asset to the styleforvm family.
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anything for my korean brother, thanks man!!
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KaiserSose is a great seller. Fast shipping and very helpful. Don't hesitate to buy from him!
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Just bought a tee from Lazyhead. This guy was great to deal with. Though he didn't ship it quickly he kindly alerted me that he would take a couple extra days to ship because he was too busy. Always responded to my pms
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Just bought a pair of Iron Heart 634S from Jackstraxx and everything went very smoothly. The jeans are great, just as shown, and the delivery was quick, especially considering he is in the UK and I am in the US. Thanks Jack!

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I just bought a pair of CP's from Raoul Duke and must say that it was one of the best transactions I've had on SF. Thanks, and keep up the good work!!
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Bought a Barracuta G9 from modual. He's wonderful to do business with, a great seller!
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Pet-peeve/general request: I'm sure it's the bad economy, but it seems like some newer/younger sellers have been hitting up every thriftstore they can find and flipping the stuff here, sometimes for a hilarious/egregious markup. That's fine; that's capitalism and if people want the item, they'll pay. BUT, I DO ask members to be VERY careful and VERY WARY of the "high brand/designer" items they find randomly and then flip here, because in many cases these items are FAKE. I've seen at least 3 threads with inauthentic high-designer items in the past week or so, each one completely innocently sold by the seller. Just because it says "GUCCI" and you find it for $2, doesn't mean it is real and should be sold here for $85. PLEASE PLEASE do your homework first; members trust here that sellers are selling them legit goods.
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Got to meet and deal with raulishere in person. Nice kid, tall, good-looking.
Very cool, laid back, decent fellow. Bought two items from me. Had to practically force him to bargain with me. (Hey, he's picking up in person and buying 2+ items)

Highly recommend him, hope to meet you again!
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talkingrobot = good buyer
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