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^ That sucks man I'm sorry. I had put up a WTB on Common Projects and he immediately sent me a PM saying he had a connect or something and he could get me a pair. The broken english dissuaded me from buying however. I'll look through our convos for any clues but it seems like this was definitely pre-mediated and thus might be hard to pin down. EDIT: here's the only really pertinent part of what he said to me for whatever it's worth; Originally Posted by avalemik I have offered common projects shoes many times i offer brand new shoes i have the following achilles patent mid top in white achilles mid top in white achilles patent leather mid top in black court shoe mid in white court shoe mid in black achilles nylon midtop in black court shoe mid in brown these jeans retail for roughly 325 - 342 but i am willing to sell one pair for 300 shipped. Originally Posted by Bislane "these jeans"? CPs are shoes you realize that right? Do you have references? I'm a little hesitant to buy based on your pm. aval: sorry, i am listing a lot of stuff recently. i know of course they are shoes, some of the finest street shoes on the market i have no refrences in particular. however i have sold many times on this forum also i have received these shoes because i am friends with a seller however i am very limited in the amount of shoes i can buy from him. anyways my offer stands for 300 shipped, you can always file a sort of claim if you are in a sort of disagreement with the purchase
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wow. That dude is bold... I Def learned a lesson from your experience, hope you can work this out somehow..
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rioni - sorry to hear about your terrible transaction. I knew that guy was trouble when he kept pm-ing me about a few items of mine in the B&S forum that he wanted to trade for and mentioned the same lame shit about a CP connection. And then subsequently noticing his shady posts about having similar items being sold in sizes other members would mention they wish the size was. That is a damn shame.
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Uh... seriously? He's just like "Yeah I stole them, next time be more careful." I have never seen that before. I however doubt he is telling the truth about the address. How could he know when they were to be delivered? He was standing outside the door every day waiting for the postman to see if he had a jean-shaped package? I'm not buying it, I think it quite likely that he could easily be traced via a confirmed IP address.
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Ok, I had the same problem with this guy. He wanted to trade me a pair of KMW 1980's in size 33, for my pair in 32. I almost did, but wanted to hold off until he got it in the mail. After a week of delaying and a few nasty messages, I moved on. In fact, he mentioned your Dior's in our convos. I had a very strong feeling this guy was shady from the start. I'll post our convo's and e-mails he sent me to see if it helps you.
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Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik no your not going to argue because you cannot defend something when your the one who is at wrong. but good night and thanks anyways, please my logic and arugment is clear and concise and you sir are terribly wrong. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik you are not going to argue with me, because you are incorrect. It is also impossible to defend a falsehood, so goodnight because you know i am correct. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 I'm not going to argue with you. Waste of breath. Goodnight. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik that was after you said have you shipped them out, as i should ship them first? i am going to quote you "Did you ship the jeans? What is the tracking?" this IMPLIES that i should have shipped them out first does it not, seeing as you have not shipped the jeans out you have expected me to ship them out. further evidence of this is "No offense dude, but I've sold a lot of items on this message board -- in fact I just sold and shipped a bunch today. You told me you could get them out on Thurs (I realize that was NYD) and you would get me a tracking number. " my statement only means i will ship them out when you ship yours out, meaning i will ship them the same day as you ship yours. furthermore seeing as we had no set date that we were both in agreement to ship them out, i chose not to ship them out. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Are you serious? I'm going to quote you: "i will ship them out when you ship yours out." Have a nice night man. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik probably is not a strong enough word, i was definitely trading them to you, and i never said anything about you sending first. I said we should send them out on the same day and exchange tracking information, glad you can be mature, i cannot believe you have the audacity to go so low as name calling. And accusing me of your own actions. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 You're an idiot. I told you I had sold many items on style forum to let you know I wasn't playing any games. You were the one who came at me with the comment that you would send them after I sent mine. Don't feed me any BS. Also, if you weren't so ignorant you would notice in the thread I DID say that I was probably trading with another member. In case you didn't realize, that member was you. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik and you were being the pain first, being very presumptuous seeming as i am untrustworthy; by use of "i have sold many items on styleforum" as i have not?. Asking me to send out first, not telling your buyers these are not to be sold because i am in a trade. also expecting me to ship first ? the idea is we send them out on the same day, i tell you when im available, then you pick a day after the availability date and then we both send them out on the same day and give each other shipping confirmation. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Forget about it, you've been too much of a pain in the ass to deal with. I'll sell them and buy my own pair. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik "im probably" meaning it was indefinite? anyways, i will trade you the jeans send me your adress again. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 What the hell are you talking about? Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik obviously we didn't look at your for sale thread Originally Posted by adamha21 Are you kidding me? We had an agreement and you are flaking? Thats BS dude. Whatever. Originally Posted by avalemik Quote: unfortunately, i have found a trade for some dior mij. I am sorry that is why i was holding off trading Originally Posted by adamha21 Quote: OK, doesn't the post office close early on a Saturday? I just want to make sure you are able to ship them out before I agree to anything? Originally Posted by avalemik Quote: i will be able to ship in the evening Originally Posted by adamha21 You said you would be able to send them out Thursday. I implied that meant you would send them out Thursday (since post office was closed, I assumed today). I've been patiently waiting to hear from you on an update. Fine then, I will be able to ship the jeans out tomorrow morning. Will you? Originally Posted by avalemik Quote: of course, and i believe we would set a specific date when we were both available to ship. You live 2 minutes away, i however do not. Not just go by when i said im most likely available. Originally Posted by adamha21 Quote: I'm not playing any fishy games. I was planning on sending them out the same day. I was assuming you would have sent them out this morning and once you responded to my PM I was heading to the post office to ship them as well. If I had just blindly shipped them, then your package would be the only one in the mail right now. I have them boxed up here just waiting to be run to the post office to put them in the mail to send to you. I was going by your schedule on when you said you could ship them. Why you haven't yet is beyond me? Its almost 4:30 pacific time, the post office has been open all day. These have been boxed up ready to ship since the 29th. Please do not lecture me. I am a 2 minute walk from my post office, the second yours are in the mail, mine will be too. Originally Posted by avalemik Quote: no offense i have sold a bunch of items on here too, i thought we had an agreement to ship them out on the same day? now you are playing some fishy games, requiring me to ship first and give you tracking? Why would i be playing games, if these jeans do not fit and i am able to get a better fitting pair. anyways if you are uncombfortable sending out on the same day then that's fine, i will hold on to this pair. the earlier agreement arranged was to send them on the same day, and that is how trades go down in style forum. I have sold a lot of jeans in the past on this forum, i have also sold common project shoes. Originally Posted by adamha21 Quote: No offense dude, but I've sold a lot of items on this message board -- in fact I just sold and shipped a bunch today. You told me you could get them out on Thurs (I realize that was NYD) and you would get me a tracking number. I will ship the jeans as soon as you ship them and give me a tracking number. I don't want to play any games, "i will ship them when you do" Originally Posted by avalemik Quote: i will ship them out when you ship yours out. Originally Posted by adamha21 Did you ship the jeans? What is the tracking? ------------------------Then we communicated through e-mail and the messages are listed below, our conversation continued with the above----------------------------- Originally Posted by adamha21 Responded. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik sent you an email. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 A couple of phone pics would work fine. My email is <email deleted> I realize USPS priority would be cheaper, but I really wanted to wear these jeans for NYE. You can express mail to me guaranteed to be here by noon on Dec 31 if you mail them out at 10 am tomorrow morning for about 30 bucks. I already looked up the rate. If you are willing to do this, I will do the same thing. Otherwise, I will understand and I'd still be interested in the trade, but I will just send priority as well. Let me know so we can come up with a solution tonight. Originally Posted by avalemik Quote: i am not near your area i live in socal i bought them from revolve i can overnight them but that would be extremely expensive in comparison to regular mail, i can send them two to three days for around 10 dollars they are raw, and i can take pictures with a camera phone only, im sorry i have two cameras and theyre broken. the camera is of very poor quality, and if you give me about a week, i know one of my family memebers is looking to buy a digital camera. anyways you don't have to worry they look brand new, no creases at all i was wondering how would you send yours? i would send via USPS with tracking priority mail. Originally Posted by adamha21 That sounds great, I have just a couple of questions before we complete the deal. 1. Do you have any pics? 2. Where did you buy them? 3. Are they the raw or rinsed? 4. Can you overnight ship them? Or if you are in my area could we trade in person. I kinda wanted to wear these jeans for New Years! Get back at me, I'll overnight ship if you will. Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik i have a pair of 33/32 kmw 1980 jeans, they have been worn 3x no creases, never washed and in excellent condition i am willing to trade you for a 32/32, they do not fit as well as they could around the waist, i know a 32 would fit perfectly
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Wow. That's just messed up.
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what a headache. what the hell is he talking about??
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Here are the email convos I had with him -- He gives the same address he gave you rioni Quote: here are some terrible pictures of the jeans, i did my best but they still are bad im sorry. anyways i would not like to pay the money to overnight, im sorry for me it's a dealbreaker, but ill priority mail them to you, and unfortunately I will not be able to send these out until after near years (thursday) at the earliest. if you would still like to trade tell me Quote: <email deleted> I think we have a deal. How soon can you ship? Thurs? I'm not going to ship until you ship yours. I will ship USPS priority with delivery confirmation as well. Whats your address? Quote: avalemik 29 belcanto, irvine, ca 92614 what is your address? i am able to send out thursday Quote: <email deleted> <address deleted> Let me know ASAP once you send them out. I will plan to send yours out on Thursday as well.
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There has to be about 30 SFers who live in Irvine. Nobody wanna stop by? The chance that the addy is real is at least 90%. I guarantee you he is scrawny and under 18 yrs old. His mom will probably make him apologize to you. If you take pics, this thread would be internet legend, Lee Hotti status.
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If you trusted that the other guy would ship, then you got burned. If you didn't and wanted them to ship first (basically what adamha21 did) then you have a Mexican standoff. Seems like some sort of game theory. The scumbag is right though. I wouldn't cross ship unless I knew the reputation of the other person pretty well. I find it unlikely that he shipped to some random address and waited there to intercept the mail. I think you'll find him at that address.
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I find it kind of telling that as soon as I pressed him, he was willing to "trade" with me again. All the while, he was proceeding with the trade with you. Guy had absolutely ZERO intention of trading with either of us and I'm sure would have just stolen both of our pairs of jeans, if I hadn't waited to get confirmation of shipment from him.
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This makes me mad. SF posse anyone? At least see if you can find out his home phone number and tell his mamma.
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The only phones i have are prepaid untraceable disposable phones.
as for the address, i pick a secluded closed residence area not too much in the open.
(guy sitting in a laptop trying to crack a wireless network less suspicious)
I pick the house using a network with a WEP crack, easily crackable.
Anyways, i appreciate your concern. As for the kmw, and common projects shoes, i have a voucher that i was trying to get rid of, it's from one of sf's affiliates, looking to buy the shoes with a discount and use the voucher to get cash.
I also actually have the kmw jeans, and was going to trade however adam is not including all the talks.
If I wanted, i would have got the kmw jeans, but i actually wanted a trade. He expected me to send first, whereas before we agreed to send out on the same day. We did not pick a certain day, i only indicated i would be free after a certain day. After i said that i think we should send out on the same date, he backed out requiring me to ship first?
Anyways, this was only a test. I belong to an underground forum where we specialize in a certain branch of economics. I would never do this again, it was time consuming and effort wasting, not worth the time in any way.
I sincerely apologize, never planned on scamming anyone else had my eye on the diors, I would like to tell you, you will never see me here again.
I implore you to not expend time on how to exact a plot of revenge. Instead higher your own standards for trading, be smarter buy each other's jeans via ebay.
Anyways the hours contributed to this project are not nearly worth other non-normative economics.
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we got you on lock.

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