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Oldboy is a terrific seller. Great communication and fast shipping.

cd1076 and ivan k were great buyers to deal with as well.
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oshen is an excellent seller.

The item was wrapped with tissue paper and was folded very neatly.
Extremely reliable and fast seller. Would do business again.
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Wagthesam is a great seller. Good communication, great price and item as described. Where is the downside? There is no downside.
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Had two pleasant transactions with junebugmm and bowvalley2000. Thanks again guys!
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Arms_Akimbo is a great seller. Sent the package as soon as I payed. Haven't received it yet but still wanted to show he was a great seller thus far.
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tomasec was a great seller. Ready to do business, shipped immediately, and arrived as described.
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BOO is a great seller. A very good price, very prompt with delivery and items arrived exactly as described.
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update on Arms_Akimbo. Just got the items and was extremely surprised at how fast the shipping was. Excellent Seller!
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Had a great buying experience with obnavox3.
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bought some shirts from mharwitt. great seller.
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Purchased a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses from hardisty17. Couldn't have been more prompt and efficient. Good deal, honest seller.
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Had two pleasant transactions today with amin and Joaquin. Both were great to deal with.
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Hey guys, just had a quick question.

Dealing with a new user named "rhodry" right now.

So far the transaction is super fishy -- first he asked me to ship a pair of imperial shearers to singapore, and I refused, saying I don't ship international. Then he said ok, ship to Oregon. I asked if his paypal address was confirmed, and he said yes.

I asked him to gift me the paypal payment.

This morning I received a payment of the right amount, but not as a gift. He paid me as a transaction, but covered the paypal fee so I'd still get 110. However, his address was unconfirmed. He explained his inability to gift me the fees by claiming that paypal no longer had a gift option available ( which i know is utter bullshit, because I used it ten minutes ago ).

Also, his name came up as "Kong Raul" on paypal, but his shipping address name was "wei Kong Wing" or something like that. Thought that was strange too. The address was a suite in Portland.

Have any of you guys dealt with this guy before?
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^ the option of gift is not available when transferring from one country to another. first hand experience here. im not sure why the address is unconfirmed as it is unconfirmed for me too, even though im a verified seller. if i were you, i would ship to singapore without any worries. usps is extremely reliable. just make sure you send them registered so you have proof. make sure postal add and paypal add is the same. that way, safer for you. on another note, i cant seem to understand sellers that refuse to ship overseas even if the buyers are verified, etc.
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eckblk, tonio028 and Pat are great sellers with great communication + low prices + fast shipping and items arrived as described...
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