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Buyers and sellers feedback thread

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Please air all complaints, and give kudos where warranted, in this thread. No profanity, no [i]ad hominem attacks[/b] and no protracted arguments please. Cheers,

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I bought a pair of black NS's from itsmedeka about a month ago. Fair price and they were delivered within a week of purchase. Good guy
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In the past several months I have had good transactions with LA Guy and I<Bacon. That's all I can think of right now.
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I have had easy, pleasant, successful transactions with, among others: edmorel kent wang chorse123 aportnoy ron rider norcal transplant taxgenius airport lobby MLR Joel_Cairo Tokyo Slim HomerJ Hanker565 Oh yeah, and some dude who looked a lot like, but wasn't, sho'nuff. I have had no bad experiences that I can recall dealing with SF folks. I had some difficulty with nungar, which I detailed in sator's definitive RMWilliams thread, and which ultimately was resolved.
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I bought a shirt from Prada_Ferragamo and received it in less than a week (US -> Australia). That's faster shipping than some ebay sellers in the same city as me.
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Newly registered, but I have purchased from the following without problems: Clyde099 GreenFrog Sho'nuff vesses johnpark415 (twice, and particularly good to work with - fast service, quick updates, etc.) fosho78 Sabrosa Osprey Guy PinkPantser (another particularly pleasant exchange - highly recommended)
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Just off the top of my head I recommend the following sellers (in no particular order) whom I've bought stuff from in just the past year - chobochobo, rach2jlc, AnGeLiCbOrIs, gregaz, mljones99, randallr, jmonroestyle, chorse123, hammerhill, drducky, slycedbred, robin, sho'nuff, and HomerJ (sorry if I've forgotten anyone - needless to say I've never had an unpleasant transaction here.) All of these guys are top-notch sellers and upstanding individuals whom I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from again.
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Thanks guys.

I was going to say it was great dealing with amerikajinda as well but am afraid someone would post the titanic pose photo up right after.
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I have never had a bad experience here (mostly buying things), but had a particularly good experience with drizzt3117 I couldn't decide what I wanted to trade him for, so he sent me all the options on good faith that I would (and did) return the undesired options.
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Bought from:


Sold to:


Just bought from user bdr3, will let you all know how that goes...
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I need to report a case of fraud with another styleforum member. Who would be the best op of the board to notify?
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Originally Posted by rioni View Post
I need to report a case of fraud with another styleforum member. Who would be the best op of the board to notify?

This is the feedback thread. We have a policy to not get involved in private transactions between members.

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That makes sense - I can see how much of a headache that would be. Welp, I've contacted the member for the final time and if I don't get a response I will make a thread warning other forum members of his antics. A real shame as this is my first time in almost 9 years of selling things online that I've ever had to deal with this kind of thing. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later :/

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
This is the feedback thread. We have a policy to not get involved in private transactions between members.

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I just had a great buying experience with eckblk. Great price, and he shipped the item quickly.
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*WARNING* Forum member, please do not buy/sell or trade with styleforum member "avalemik". The Story: I was contacted by this user after listing dior jeans for trade.. I was looking to size down. Since avalemik sells in this forum frequently I had no reason to suspect fraud and foolishly agreed to ship the jeans with tracking info last Friday (as was told he would do the same on Friday). Later that day, I was told that he did not have time to ship them on Friday and that Monday they would be overnighted. You know the rest of the story, the jeans were delivered to him and of course he never shipped mine. After confronting him regarding this, I was told "unfortunately we never entered into a legal binding contract" and that the address he gave me to ship was not his and that he just stopped by a random house and met the postman. Please feel free to read the log at the bottom with the complete conversation. ***UPDATE*** Thanks to the members of this forum the stolen item has been returned to me. I'd like especially thank ShoNuff for all of his help with this! Styleforum name: avalemik Join date: 8/2008  email address: Now attemping to resell the jeans he stole from me: Log from incident: Originally Posted by avalemik That's understandable. however im using a free dialup internet service which (netzero). For the signature confirmation i didn't even sign the correct name. I sincerely apologize, and I will tell you I will never do it again. It's a one time thing, which through this forum I realized i invested more time, that i could have been working and purchased these jeans. They're not even in my size, but once again i apologize. Originally Posted by avalemik if you would not like this to happen to other forum members, i suggest a few things. In a trade you should probably buy each other jeans using paypal etc, and thus keeping you much more insured, for that is at least somewhat of a binding agreement. I would recommend requiring references before trading, and probably only to trade to well known members with post counts of near 500 +. Also you should check a few posts, to examine the character, and content of the person. I sincerely apologize, i will not waste my time doing this anymore, although my word does not mean much to you. Originally Posted by avalemik Re: final attempt at contact my suggestion is, next time you research the trader more indefinitely, ask for pictures with their name next to it. Move on, don't invest you will only waste your energy. In the future be more careful, and don't exhaust yourself on this, it's a done deal, you will only further your losses through the use of time and any other resources. i apologize. Originally Posted by avalemik Re: final attempt at contact firstly, i do not even live in irvine. secondly I caught the postman before he went to the door. thirdly the postman does not check identification. fourthly i picked this address out of the phone book. fifthly there are no binding agreements made on this site, you should have asked for a reference with other people that i have traded to. i apologize. Originally Posted by avalemik sorry i had work until five, traffic was bad and i was unable to send them out. Tomorrow i also have work, I will send them out monday morning via overnight shipping. Quote: Originally Posted by rioni mind sending the tracking number? Quote: Originally Posted by avalemik i'll send the tracking number asap. Quote: Originally Posted by rioni Yes, I'm going to mail this out in about 2 hours for delivery next Tuesday. What is your first and last name for the shipment? My mailing address is: <removed> Please send tracking number today after shipment - I'll do the same. Originally Posted by avalemik you mean this tuesday? correct, i will send them via priority mail which will get them there 2-3 business days which would get them there on tuesday also, my address is 29 belcanto irvine, ca 92614 and yours? Originally Posted by rioni np, I'll just send them normal priority mail from atlanta which should get them there by next tuesday. Please send me your mailing address and I will get you the tracking number later today. Originally Posted by avalemik my cell phone is broken unfortunately, it is more convenient if we chat online. I am able to mail the jeans at 5pm right before the post office closes. I do not wish to pay for overnight shipping, however if this is a dealbreaker i suppose i will. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, and I would also ask for your address. Originally Posted by rioni cool, want to have a quick chat before finalizing this? I'd like to get them out today if possible since I am gone for the weekend and the early part of next week. I am at <edited> Originally Posted by avalemik bought from saks mij19cm w31 Originally Posted by rioni sent you follow-up email. I just wanted to know if your jeans are MIJ 19 and tagged size 31? also, where were they purchased? Originally Posted by rioni sent you email with pics/measurements sent you pics

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