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Where to shop in Seattle

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I'll be in Seattle later this week and have reserved an extra day to bum around. I did a search and found the following list of potential stores to look at although I don't think I'll be able to hit them all:

Atsui Tokyo
Blum Butch
Ian x 2 (Downtown & Fremont)
Jack Straw Filaments
J Gilbert Footwear
Oslo's A Mens store
Polite Society

My questions are:

1. Which stores are must-see and which stores would you throw out?
2. In what order should I travel to? I don't know the area well and will be traveling by rental car.
3. Are there any malls that shouldn't be missed?
4. Any specialty stores that should be added such as Alden or Paul Smith?

I'm a mid-30's J Crew kinda guy, my style is casual and I live in a warm coastal climate. I'm always on the look-out for special pieces that are stylish without being over-designed and I especially like designer military stuff such as Ever brand. In most cases I like to keep prices at $400 or less. I am tall, medium build and don't look too good in super tight fits. Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
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I was in the same boat as you a few months ago: I was in Seattle for a few days because of job interviews. I'm not going to make any comments on which stores would be best for you, since saying "J Crew kinda guy" is very ambiguous, and I'm not familiar with Ever. Of the list you gave, I've only been to the Ian in Downtown and Mario's. Ian has a very relaxed vibe. There was a lot of EG, NSF, Splendid Mills, Modern Amusement... and almost an entire floor dedicated to, I think, G-Star RAW. I'd go back there. Mario's was much more upscale, and had mostly designer stuff. You can check their website for brands. You can skip the mall in Bellevue. The one in downtown Seattle, Pacific Place, is much better, though I was only interested in the Barneys there. In terms of planning a route... check the SW&D Retail Map and Directory. It's linked in my sig. A lot of the stores are downtown. If you decide to visit them, I'd suggest parking in a garage and walking on foot, since the streets were crowded and many were one way, IIRC.
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Shop Pike Place Market, too. :P EDIT (Thanks zippym.)
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I'd skip Ian (Fremont location), Blackbird (it's kind of out of the way without a car or taxi), Mario's, and Butch Blum. Maybe Oslo's as well, though you might like it if J.Crew's your thing (and try to work in a shave if you visit them). Everything else on your list will be pretty easy to hit in less than a day and most of them have nice sales right now as well.

If you happen to find your way down in Pioneer Square, there is also a small shop called Betty Blue/Lin that's worth checking out. They get left over local store stock from past seasons and sell it at a good discount, but it's sometimes hit and miss:
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Originally Posted by Vernon-Dozier View Post
Alden or Paul Smith?
J. Gilbert (and maybe the Brooks Brothers) carries Alden. I'm sure you can find Paul Smith (though I have never cared to look) somewhere between Barney's, Mario's, Butch Blum and David Lawrence (they are all very close to each other). Ian does not carry shoes to my knowledge nor Kuhlman. Nordstrom flagship carries the most traditional higher-end mens shoes. Actually, most of these stores are within several blocks of one another save for Blackbird, in Ballard, and it is not very close to a J. Crew aesthetic. If J. Crew is the type of guy you are though, I would suggest you start there. It is just across the atrium from Barney's in Pacific Place.
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Ian occasionally will get in shoes... they just got in some various G-Star models, and they might still have some Nice Collective boots.

I've forgotten about David Lawrence. I need to stop by soon, I saw that they have some Tom Ford stuff now.
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Originally Posted by ahjota View Post
Shop Pike's Place, too. :P

That's Pike Place Market.
Pike is a street.
Pike Place is a spur off of Pike.

Every time I hear "Pike's" or "Pike's Market" it just drives me up the wall.
(Sorry for the rant.)
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Pike Place Market
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Stop by on your way to PIKE's Market

Everyone's given good suggestions here. Downtown is easy to walk around...if the weather cooperates. Park your car in a garage and most of the places are on 1st Ave or in the retail core. Oslo or Blackbird is a short drive. Come by and say hello, have a drink...I keep wine and sake around the store at all times for special occasions
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Atsui Tokyo - if the clothes fit you, well worth checking out. Blackbird - personal favorite out of the bunch, great people, great clothes. Blum Butch Ian x 2 (Downtown & Fremont) - nice guys and a nice selection Jack Straw Filaments J Gilbert Footwear Kuhlman - rather expensive but they carry very nice clothes. Oslo's A Mens store Mario's Polite Society Blackbird and Ian Fremont are a ways away from everything else (but Blackbird is definitely worth checking out imo). J.Gilbert, Polite Society, Kuhlman, Mario's, and Ian are all within walking distance (about 5-ish blocks from end to end?). Atsui is on the same street as Kuhlman but a ways down, probably will want a cab to tackle that one. Barneys New York could possibly be worth checking out. Oh, and the Seattle Nordstrom's carries Paul Smith
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Probably wouldn't need a cab to get between Atsui and Kuhlman, it's like a 15-20 minute walk with the market, Jack Straw, Polite Society, and Ian in between.
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Depends on the weather I suppose, I wouldn't want to do it in the rain we've been having recently
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Maybe I should post some useful info instead of just ranting about Pike's Market.

Mario's, Barney's, and Nordstrom carry Paul Smith although Nordstrom just has accessories and shoes. I've seen some PS stuff at Ian.

Rather than taking a cab, you can also just hop on a bus. They're free within the downtown core.
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Thanks all for the info. I got my waypoints set so here is the rotation. I will be staying at the Sheraton on 6th & Union:

Fly in SAT evening - hit Blackbird since they close late.

Sunday morning visit the stores that open early - Atsui (open 10AM) then Oslo's (open 11AM.)

Then hit the 12PM crowd in this order:

1. Kuhlman

2. Drive and park at the Pike Place Market Parking Garage – 1531 Western Avenue and hit Polite Society, Ian and pay a visit to the very special first ever Starbucks at Pike Place.

3. Drive back to hotel & walk to David Lawrence, Blum Butch & Marios

4. If any time is left hit Nordstrom Flagship & Pacific Place mall next door.

Any stores I left out are closed Sunday's. Please advise if any modifications to this plan are needed. Tourist stuff? Forget it - done that already in Seattle. This trip is for shopping so I look forward to pounding cement...
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