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Alan McAfee Shoes?

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Thanks to my fellow Forum members' generousity, I scored a pair of JM Weston captoe bals and a pair of Alan McAfee cognac wingtips. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the latter. They say they're "custom grade" and made in England, fwiw. pics posted once they get back from the shoe care guys. And thanks again Marc.
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In the book I have about Fred Astaire, it says he wore the Alan McAfee shoes. I don't know whether they were RTW or bespoke. Alan McAfee was bought sometime in the early '90s by Church's, who used the name for their own products. They were more expensive than the top-of-the line Church's brand.
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At the time I purchased Alan McAfee shoes from a Church's store in San Francisco, it was evident, or at least it seemed evident, that the shoes were from years past, not because of the condition of the shoes, but by the box. Stamped on the sole was 'bespoke grade' instead of the normal 'custom grade'. I know there is a lot of talk about Church's on the forum, but the McAfee shoes I've seen were top notch, better than Masterclass or anything else I've seen from Church's.
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I think McAfees are extremely underrated in the heirarchy of British shoes.I own shoes from Church's, C&J,Lobbs and EG's,and in MHO,the McAfees stack up quite well.I have a pair of their wingtips,and a plain toe slip on that are splendidly comfortable and beautifully crafted,quite timeless,really.
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