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Loomstate jeans

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Was wondering if any one has had experience with the Loomstate jeans. Not talked about too much here. They are from the makers of Rogan and are made from organic cotton at a slightly lower price point. Haven't seen too many retailers with them either.
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Nothing to write home about. A very different feel than Rogan (much more happy hippie in the wild and less depressing cabin fever, if you take my meaning), but also a lot less innovative and distinctive than Rogan's eponymous line. Not on my recommended list, (although I would never say no to a free pair if given no other choices.)
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From what I've seen in pictures, they look like something Hollister would put out. Not... uh, that I've ever been inside a Hollister or anything, but... ah damn.
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Loomstate is great.
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Originally Posted by jimmyjames View Post
Loomstate is great.

And for what particular reason? You state something, without bringing some words to empower your opinion.
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