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I just took a suit and a separate jacket to D&B tailors, and they were excellent. I've had work done at Cappelli's, which is very good as well, and also at Centofanti, which, after the master's death and the apprentice's departure is still apparently being run by one or more relatives. All are old-school types of tailors; in addition to the quality work on display in all three places, Centofanti and D&B have opera music playing in the background.  Centofanti is the one to which I won't return, as after a few good interactions I had a couple of sub-par experiences. (I'm sure that they're still a cut above normal tailors, but I was looking for truly exceptional.) D&B is going to be my regular place.


At D&B, I was first fitted by a very nice older gentleman (not the famed Gabe D'Annunzio), left my clothes there, and departed.  After I had driven a couple of blocks, my cell phone rang. It was one of the women who run the front of the store:  Gabe had just come back, and asked whether I was still close enough to the shop to come back so that he could do the measurements personally. I had the time, so I circled around and came back in. He was incredibly nice. He wanted to meet me and go over the fit since it was my first time in his shop.


Later in the week I called to ask whether they could have the alterations done a day earlier than we had agreed, and Gabe told me that he would get it done.


I picked up the jacket and the suit today, and they look great. Gabe remembered my name and greeted me like a friend-- that never happened at the other establishments-- and came over to see that the fit was right.


And by the way, while it's certainly not cheap, I found D&B's prices to be quite reasonable. We all know that you get what you pay for.


I travel 20-25 minutes to get to D&B, but I know that some customers travel much farther. I can see why.  I'm a professor, so I don't have as much occasion to wear suits (or the wherewithal to afford beautiful ones) as many of the people here, but as much as the next guy I appreciate being treated right.  D&B was a fun experience.