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Dior and gucci

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I was looking at the Dior, Gucci, and YSL Rive Gauche fall lines over the weekend, and I also dropped by Maxfield Bleu to see what bargains I could find on the spring/summer stuff, and seeing Dior and Gucci pieces alongside each other really brought into relief how much better designed and better constructed Dior pieces really are.  Case in point: the stiff denim Dior jacket vs a similar Gucci jacket.  The Dior jacket had an amazing, ultra clean cut, and was made of terrific denim with an inimitable color and finish.  The Gucci jacket was fussy with stitched details, constructed from unremarkable stiff denim, and seemed rather frumpy in comparison. The same observations could be made for the entire Dior and Gucci collections for the S/S 2002 and F/W 2003 seasons.  The YSL collections fared only slightly better.  The only Tom Ford pieces that were better than their Hedi Slimane counterparts were his YSL shirts.  Am I just dreaming this, or have others noticed the same thing?
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How are YSL:RG and Dior prices compared to gucci? I've always wondered but can't really check since the only label of those 3 that i can find in montreal is gucci. I have to say though, the few YSL Rive Gauche items i've seen were really nice.
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How are the prices and selection at Maxfield Bleu? I've never been in there. Am I missing amazing deals, or are prices simply reduced to twice what they should be rather than quadruple?
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Prices at Maxfield Bleu are still high, but they are at least semi-reasonable compared to typical designer prices. after the second set of markdowns (about 3 weeks after the merchandise is received from Maxfield) the prices are between 50-70% off, and at the end of the season, there is an additional 20% off. To give you an idea, S/S 2002 Prada shirts originally priced at $350 were selling at $129 last week, and Schonberger and Helmut Lang shirts, at $89 from $225. G-Star jeans, orginally $120, were selling at $39, and Gucci jeans were still overpriced at $110 (God, I hate Gucci jeans.) And of course, Maxfield has much more adventurous buyers than Barneys, Saks, Neiman's, or any comparable store I can think of, so you find the rare pieces there and at Maxfield Bleu. In addition to having a better selection of CDG and Yamamoto than anywhere else in LA, they carry a healthy dose of harder to locate designers like Raf Simons and Margiela, and the edgier, editorial worthy pieces by the big designers - Armani's edgier black label pieces, and Prada shirts found nowhere else (I recently got a brown/sienna Prada western shirt that was never carried in any of the other multibrand stores, or even the Prada shop, for that matter.) Plus, the sales people are quite helpful and relatively good (LA style) fashion sense. On that note, since I'm addicted to the place, and am there all the time, I am willing to help any of you not in the area pick stuff up. Since sales are final, though, you'll have to trust my judgement within the guidelines you set (price and style and label preference). Email me if you feel the need.
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YSL-Rive Gauche, Gucci and Dior Homme are all at about the same pricepoint. I have a system I call the "leather jacket scale", all three brands measure a mortgage payment.
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OK, where exactly is Maxfield Bleu? I'm in LA, so I can do my own shopping, but it sure helps to know where I'm driving.
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In Toronto, YSLRG, Gucci, and Dior are all priced in the same range; $300-500 shirts, $500-800 pants, $2k leather jackets. I have a similar gauge to LA Guy's, it's just at the other end of the scale: the "simple t-shirt scale". Plain t-shirts from all three will run you $200-300 :O. Note: all prices $CDN, multiply by .65 for $US.
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Prada and Prada Sport have similar prices too.
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pstoller, Maxfield Bleu is on South Robertson (LA side, not Beverly Hills.) If you where the Ivy is, it's just north of there, right near the corner of Robertson and Beverly, about 2 blocks NW of the Beverly Center and a mile or so from Rodeo. If your fiancee is into boutiques, she'll probably know the place, since Lisa Kline, Curve, etc... are all on that strip. Good luck. I'd like to hear what you think. From your posts, I gather that you are a couple of sizes smaller than me, probably a 38R or 38S and a 30/30 in pants, so we won't have to fight over that last Helmut Lang jacket. lol.
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Thanks. Yep, 38R, 30/30. My fiancée is indeed into boutiques, but hasn't had a chance to explore most of them yet, so she'll enjoy the trip as much as I. (That is, assuming we can work it into our schedules, amidst all the wedding planning.)
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