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LOL... so you are saying I'm not cool LA Guy? Alas that is correct... and yes, we have progressed from virtually unknown, to known virtually and are working on well known. In all honesty we are not pushing on the publicity front right now, demand is very strong and we need to hire some folks and beef up production before we expand much. We need some fulltime help with customer service and shipping to free more of our time for new collections. February was tough because we were barely here and fell behind on things and that's not good. We need to build a little infrastructure here and make sure that we can support expansion with proper service and response time while freeing Jill and I to spend more time in Italy on the production side. Typical fast growing small business issues - it occured to us that we were doing $5.hr work for too much of the day but $5/hr people were screwing it up so we're going to see how $10/hr help works out :-)
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What sort of expansion plans are you guys looking at? Hope I'm not being nosy, I'm just a career-less college student trying to find any possible opportunities out there when I get out of school next spring .
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Ayboys - we can't afford college grads yet and those of you who own your own business and have had 'growing pains' are invited to offer suggestions/advice offline. I have no ego and always welcome suggestions. We're after two customer service and shipping people. Boring work, flex hours, precision a must. We tried this on the cheap and it was a disaster - wrong items shipped to people etcetera. Guessing we'll have to offer more than McWage to get someone good so that we can devote more time to development and improve service at the same time. Nothing exciting, actually perfect for a couple housewives who want an easy job part time. Mainly shipping and keeping inventory straight, answering the phone, responding to email inquires, making sure everything is straight because when we were gone for two weeks... yikes. Speaking of yikes, I was due somewhere 4 hours from here an hour ago, must gather child and head over the river to grandfather's house.
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Carlo, Do you plan on creating size 14 1/2 32 shirts?
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