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Knit Ties

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yay or nay?
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I'm a fan, though.
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Yay. The Men's Clothing groupthink is kind of obsessed with them. Anyway, just keep them slim and cut square. Wide knit ties that are tapered/pointed like regular ties look stupid.
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Infinite yay!
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yay, even though i don't have any...
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before the summer i scored a few winter knits from someone in the mens forum. i paid like 30 dollars for about 5 of them. great deal.
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Would these interesting little things be only suitable for fall and winter?
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I think it's spelled yea? As in yes, rather than just woohoo? Anyway ... yea, absolutely.
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I want to kop some. I think it looks great under certain circumstances. I don't think I'd have the chutzpah to eventually wear one in the office though.
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I got an apc one with creme rectangular tip at the bottom and a black knit stephan schneider which is pretty nice so ya from me.
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knitted silk is the easiest to wear. I also have a knitted wool tie, but it really needs a tweed suit with a twill shirt or something.
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My hardest tie to wear is a PS neon green/brown striped tie.

It pretty much only works with a white shirt. If I had some weird POW check suit I could wear it with that, but that's about it.
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Yay. I have a blue Jcrew one and a BR one I picked up for 20 bucks b/c they mismarked it. Its not as slim, about 2.5 but oh well.
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