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The offset colored laces are interesting. I bet these get a lot of comments simply b/c they stand out from 99% of the other shoes in the room. Thoughts on fit of the khakis in the waist/crotch area? The Flusser books (p.28) says if you have a "muted/low contrast" complexion, or a "ruddy/rosyt"you can have some brighter/warmer hues in the clothing to add some luster Would that apply here? Or is the pocketsquare enough? I see many small wrinkles over the vamp. Is this preferred vs. 1 or 2 larger creases?
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I tagged my favorites in this thread. I'd like to start finding/buying the pieces to evolve into this look. I think there are some common building blocks here. I have dark slacks and Oxford shirts. I'd like to incorporate this sweater layer, but I always had bulky (and long) sweaters. For starters, I will look for 1 or 2 "earthy" toned sweaters, and 1 or 2 checked sportcoats.
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- B
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OK, whose turn was it to feed the lions last night? You know what happens when Vox isn't fed - threadjack, derail, threadjack, derail...

There goes another herd of zebras:
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Doesn't get any better than this, IMO...

Originally Posted by Fred49 View Post

Jacket Behr
shirt vanLaak
tie Charvet
ps vanlaak
pants canali
shoes Lobb
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well... here's some more recent (2010) favorites of mine: no particular order or reason, maybe just because I like the mix of proportions and colors.
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Still the best jacket posted here:

unless I missed a few recent additions I'd say I still like the same people the best (including some that stopped posting), anyone knows what happened to the blonde scandinavian dude always in vintage stuff (I think he dealt in antiques)? He was top5.
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Lucky Strike - he hasn't been around I don't think. I, too, like his style.
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Three Patterns

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I haven't posted in here in forever:

Originally Posted by Vaux_le_Vicomte View Post

Very late - i apologize - as asked from TTO - a posting of a fit on Friday - not the challenge Friday of course.

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A run of good entries today.
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Camera didn't want to cooperate today. Brown flannels on bottom, which I haven't pictured - I realized they fit like crap, too tapered and prone to create a mangina no matter how I wear them. They're going directly into retirement.

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x-post from the challenge

See details (Click to show)

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in the pocket (Click to show)


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Gah - this jacket is still a bit tight.

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I miss Doc Holliday.
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