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Anybody know if there's a shop that can do nose-pad arm installations in LA? I feel like there must be some in k-town.
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I HAVE THE ANSWER!  This brand is designing glasses with exactly this problem in mind: http://www.tc-charton.com/collection.aspx


I have no connection with the company whatsoever. I was just at my optometrist in SF and was complaining about the bridge problem and she introduced me to the brand. They fit like heaven. The sunglasses even fit and they were oversized!!! 

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Try glasses made in Japan, by Kaneko Optical.

Many of their frames are hand crafted and utterly gorgeous.




They have a boutique called "Facial Index" in New York City.


I have a very flat nose bridge and their glasses fit me perfectly, without any pads or plastic stoppers.

The bottom of the frame doesn't touch my cheeks either.


I just gave up trying to find American/European brands that fit, and decided just to go with ones that are made by people who have the same problems.

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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I'm wearing these in brown. edit: I'm also not asian.

Found this on google images.  Anyone know who makes this frame...model # etc?  Thanks

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Check out Covry (https://shopcovry.com/); I found them after searching online for frames that wouldn't rub on my cheeks but are also stylish. 


Their Elevated Fit is made for people with low nose bridges/high cheekbones.  The frames have longer nose pads, a more narrow nose bridge, and less of a frame curve, so they literally don't budge at all when I smile or move around. 


I own 2 pairs from them; def recommend! 

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