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Plastic eyeglass frames for asian noses

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Seems to be a very common problem for asian people trying on eyeglasses. Most plastic frames don't sit right on our faces because our nose bridges are smaller or flatter. Hopefully this thread will help you if you're in this situation! I walked into a great optical store in Toronto and stumbled upon the Oslo by Salt Optics. I had seen it on the website, but didn't think they would work out from the looks of the pictures. They turned out to be the best fitting plastic frames I had ever tried on! They probably work because the part that goes over the nose is a little bit lower compared to other frames. Any one have other frames that have worked for them?
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This is relevant to my interests.
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If you happen to be traveling to Japan (or Tokyo specifically), there's an Oliver Peoples store in Aoyama. They sell the same frames as the ones in the states, only that the nose 'cushions' (whatever you call them) protrude out alot more than their american counterparts, albeit to account for smaller asian noses.
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I thought I was the only one. My plastic frames sit so close to my face my eyelashes hit the lenses!. Skinnyman post some fit pics if you get a chance. For sunglasses I wear oakley's asian fit line.....narrow bridge really helps.
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The key is to buy a Japanese brand. I tried on a Spivvy and another brand that I can't remember and the bridge definitely fit better than the one I'm wearing right now.
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Fucking pan face.

<--- asian.
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Yes I have this problem also. Hard to find plastic frames for Asians. I currently have Salt Wayne which fit my face alright:

Next pair im looking to get are the IC Berlin:

These sit a little loose but they will have to do.
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I'm wearing these in brown. edit: I'm also not asian.
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I seem to have a bit of the same problem, with plastic frames so close to my face that my eyelashes touch, especially with sunglasses. I found that some Salts I purchased recently work for me.
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Anyone tried something like this:

Seems reputable, but you never know.
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I gave up on finding Asian nose/face friendly glasses lol. Just simply doesn't exist for those that have low to no nose bridge. They either slide off, or they are so close to the face that eyelashes touch...many Asians actually have somewhat of a nose bridge to wear glasses but those of us that don't are just screwed... I went with contacts :P
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Originally Posted by ingraman View Post
Anyone tried something like this: Seems reputable, but you never know.
Years ago my optician glued something similar onto the nose pad area of my glasses. It worked. I don't have those frames anymore, but try asking your optician if they have it. Thanks for reminding me of this option. I might try it for one of my older frames.
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My local optician is able to send plastic eye glasses to a local guy who saws off the short nose bridges and attaches a newer, longer metal nose bridge with regular nose pads to accommodate Asian noses. My girlfriend has used this option because of her very Asian nose and the results are quite good. I will try to get a picture of her Gucci (/cough) frames soon.

The other option already mentioned is to get Japanese frames. The Raybans made for the japanese market have longer nose bridge.. my RB5109s work well for me. Check out this website for a huge selection of Japanese handmade frames. Someone who gets a frame proxied should post a review!
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ProDesign Denmark makes several models of acetate frames with built-in nose pads. They seem to be pretty common, at least near where I live in California. I wear model #1649.
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Oakley has an Asian Fit category and I am pretty sure you can find a pair of sunglasses and have prescription lenses placed in them.
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