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Whats the general consensus on Coach leather goods? IN particular belts? I saw a nice one I liked, but was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the quality of Coach goods. I know one of my wife's dreams is to have a Coach handbag.
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Coach is good quality, and some of their stuff is pretty stylish especially their calf skin stuff. But for the most part, I think their stuff, at least for guys, is pretty plain-looking. Also, Coach has gotten so popular--i.e., it seems like every girl out there has a coach bag. Overall, good quality stuff at good prices (not cheap, but not super-expensive.)
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Thanks THC, actually plain looking is just what I need, because it's a belt I want to wear with a fabulous suit and pair of Bally dress shoes, so I want an understated belt that blends in.
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I've been really happy with the Coach stuff that I've bought. I bought a Diplomat briefcase from them a few years ago, and it's held up excellently despite having been thrown around a fair bit. Also, last summer I bought their Palm V case, and it also still looks good. They're not quite up there with the elite quality stuff (Hermes, et. al.), but doesn't cost as much, either. I would put a Coach leather piece up against pretty much any current Louis Vuitton or Prada equivalent, though. And Coach's a whole bunch less expensive than those two.... No experience with belts. Truth be told, most of my belts were bought on clearance (as in, between US$3 and US$10) from Banana.... Peace, JG
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Speaking of Coach, I was in Bloomingdale's this weekend and saw a pair of black Coach loafers. My friend said they were to gaudy because of the gold clasps on them. From what I observed the quality of the leather and craftsmanship are comprable to Ferangammo and Gucci, at half the cost. The Ferangammo loafers are $250, Gucci $350, and Coach $160. What do you guys think; gold clasps, gaudy?; as opposed to Ferangammo, which have metallic clasps. Either way I plan on buying a pair from one of these three.
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250 for ferragamo loafers? that seems awefully cheap. I've never seen a pair below 500 canadian which would be ~320us. Anyway.. I'd go with ferragamos personally, especially if they're only 250 and you like them. I love the pair I have more than any other shoe. They're the most comfortable leather shoes I've ever owned. Gucci makes some nice shoes also but I don't own any. I'd be interested to hear comparisons from people that own both.
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I have a Coach belt, and it's great for what it is, which is essentially a plain brown belt, classic styling, fine quality leather and construction. If you don't want your belt to make a statement on its own, you can't do too much better than Coach, especially for the money. I don't think gold-tone clasps are necessarily gaudy; it depends on the quality of the metal and the design of the clasp. I say, if you like them, who cares what your friends think? I can't speak for the quality of Coach shoes, having never tried them on. Coach certainly has an excellent history of making fine leather accessories, but there's more to making great shoes than leather and leatherwork. I would expect them to make decent shoes, though. As for Gucci vs. Ferragamo, I think that's more a matter of style than anything else. Hype aside, Gucci makes a fine pair of shoes, especially the classic horsebit loafers. I certainly don't think they're any better made than Ferragamo, though. (For what it's worth, currently, I have neither; having worn out my classic Ballys"”which I was considering replacing w/Gucci"”my main black dress loafers are a pair of Moreschi ostrich leg, and some super-minimal Sutor Mantellassi calfskin slip-ons w/crepe soles.)
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Speaking of Coach, I was in Bloomingdale's this weekend and saw a pair of black Coach loafers. My friend said they were to gaudy because of the gold clasps on them.
I've seen the Coach loafers you're talking about in Bloomingdale's.  In my opinion, the gold is not too gaudy, particularly if you are in the habit of wearing a watch with a leather/crocodile band and gold bezel.  That being said, I prefer the more understated look of silver/white gold to gold, so I would probably prefer the Ferragamos.  You probably shouldn't buy the Coach loafers if price is your only reason for doing so. If you live near a Nordstrom, you may want to check out the Anniversary Sale going on right now.  (The sale ends Sunday.)  The Nordstrom near where I live is selling several models of Ferragamo loafers for $220, which is probably as low a price as you're likely to see in a brick and mortar store, and only slightly higher than the price of the Coach loafers.
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