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I tried those on at DSW a few months back----I liked them at first, but then they started to look like orthopedic shoes.
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What's DSW?
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It is a shoe clearance warehouse chain in the US.
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What's the name of those shoes? I thought they looked great!
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I'm picking up a pair of Nike FC SBs on Saturday. IT's the last one and I really want a pair.
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Originally Posted by Urbatect
PG2G: What's the name of those shoes? I thought they looked great!
Hehe, this is a rather old thread. Just went and looked back at the picture I posted. They must've changed the link a bit. The design of those shoes is the same as mine, but the leather looks different. These are the ones I have... http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/cat...uctGroup=86016 Here are the ones that the pic refers to now... http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/cat...ctGroup=119173 or http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2856229/...bo=2375097&P=1
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Favorite sneakers right now are probably these leather Jack Purcells:

Hello, my new velcro-y friends.

Tomorrow it'll probably be something else.
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My favorite available sneaker at the moment is a pair of black hi chucks.
My favorite sneaker that only exists in my head would have to be Jordan IVs + Elephant Skin.

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Tomorrow it'll probably be something else.
You sneaker-slut, you
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Got a few favs that I mainly wear,

chucks (lovem)
vans (love these too)
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I've gotta say either the New Gray/Blue XX1s, Desert Camo Forces, or the Bapesta Taipei.

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It's funny that you guys brought up the Steve Zissou shoes; the pair I've been wearing the most lately stood out to me because I thought they looked similar.

I did my laces the same way as Zissou's
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What do u guys think of the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 V40 shoe? From what the google translated press release said, its to commemorate their 40th anniversary. Apparently only 4,000 made, 1,000 of them for Japan. Looks like Barney's (online) has a full run of sizes.
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PG2G, that's so fresh! I'll be shopping for that Mexico tonight UPDATE: Err... I passed on the Mexico v40. The pictures PG2G posted show a variety of colors and tab designs. The one on Barney's is a little too... subdued? But they do have all the sizes listed. Any of you who want this shoe, I think Barney's is going to be your best bet
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Hehe, I'm debating it. I don't have any "interesting" sneakers at the moment.
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