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In no particular order:
Puma GV
Nike Spiridon '97
adidas Stan Smith
adidas Rod Laver
adidas GS
Adidas Provence/Sacto
Gola Hornet
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Pics of the sandalwoods that I picked up. I'll just post the hyperlinks. Flickr seems not to work here.
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They have not been made. I remain disappointed.
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I have a small collection of sneakers I never wear (about 10 pairs) but I have a few regular pairs I normally wear to school / weekends.

- Converse Jack Purcells
- Adidas Stan Smiths
- Adidas Sambas
- Onitsuka Tigers

Used to wear Chucks but I hated the "duck feet" look.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
They have not been made. I remain disappointed.
Agreed, best Adidas I have ever seen. Wes Andersen should stop directing movies and start designing sneaks.
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Ever heard of the Adicolour concept?
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Originally Posted by Nil
I find Nike Dunks to combine the best fit (I've got wide size 14 feet) without the chunkiness of say, the AF1, with quality looks in certain colors. They might not necessarily look quite as good as a lot of Adidas, but those tend to be too narrow for my feet for a comfortable fit.

Same here, I have wide feet and dunks seem to fit a dream (though the toe box used to dig into my toes when I first got them). The amount of possible colourways out for dunks at the moment is a nice gimick.

I forgot to say, I also like my Diesel Remy's a lot.
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I like Nike sneakers.

They have a big range so I can always find something that fits.
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Chuck Taylors, all black. Jack Purcells, all white.
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Chuck Taylor slip-ons, John Varvatos editions to match my distressed baggy jeans. With my fitted denims, I'll go with Ben Sherman Backrow slip-ons or my Keen Yogui. If I'm in a funky mood, I'll dig up my Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s in the wild colors and find some shirt that clashes with it
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I have about 30 pairs, at last count. Everything from Nike Premium Blazers to wierd Italian brands. About 6 pairs in rotation at any one time.
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I only have 8 sneakers: Fucked up blue Chuck Taylor Hi Natural white Vans slip-ons Dirty old Campers Pelotas White one-piece Dunk Hi lazers
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heres what i have:
black one stars
grey wool chucks
faded out black wal mart slip ons
sb delta forces for skating.

im really starting to not like sneakers too much. i find i wear my slip ons more than anything, and my desert treks or allen edmonds leeds(crepe resole) coming in a close second. i save my sneakers for work mostly.

funny... im th oppisite of most people, sneaks for work and AE for play
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i think the shoes i've enjoyed the most wearing would be callous tachikaze's. those were super comfortable- too bad callous isn't around anymore. then maybe a pair of visvims. then maybe sal 23's to remind me of those skating days.
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I've been watching a pair of these: on ebay, and I let them get bought by someone else. Now I'm pissed because I've realized that they're the coolest Stan Smith's I've seen. Anyone know where I could find another pair?
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