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First Sportcoat/Blazer

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I am going this weekend to try to find my first sportcoat/blazer. I wanted to have one that that I could wear with jeans or wear on business casual. Not to casual and not to formal. I was thinking of using some suit jacket tops but reading some past post that would be a no no? Does anyone have any advice on what I should be looking for? Black? Blue? Metal buttons? etc.
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Suit jacket tops are fine if they are in a heavier fabric and are non-pinstriped. A glen plaid suit with brown hues in it can make a great sportcoat, I think.
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Skip the suit jacket tops and go with a blazer. I'd suggest a blue Brooks Brothers two-button.
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A Navy DB Blue Blazer with gold buttons or. A black suede sports jacket. or. a Single button blue blazer with a silver button. (Not really timeless, more of a current trend though) or. A camel, or beige etc. cashmere sports jacket, (although summer is coming now) or. A cashmere/wool and silk sports jacket.
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can anyone post some pics of their blazers?
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I definitely recommend the DB 6x2 navy blazer. Here's a pic of mine, not on me but from the Ebay auction. Ebay auction
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Almost everybody I know's first jacket was a navy blue blazer with 2 brass buttons (well, and the cuff buttons), single-breasted.
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My first blazer was a 2 button BrooksEase ™ that I got for $85. I was sixteen years old when I got it and it was hard to beat for the price. I have recently been convinced that the only appropriate blazer (jacket with metallic buttons) is DB. I have nothing against solid navy SB sportcoats, as long as they don't have gold buttons. If you're looking for a navy sportcoat, there is a seller on Ebay, eclass(somethingorother), that has a lot of three buttons from Zegna for $300 or $400. I'd recommend starting there.
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