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I need a very comfortable glasses - Any Suggestions?

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I depend on eyeglasses all the time (a little myopia + little astigmatism= a little bit bad vision) and I can't do lasik or lasek treatments because of personal fear and also shortage of money. I was never happy with all my past purchases of eyeglasses because e.g. when I tried my current eyelgasses out in the shop, it was Ok and fine for the small period I tried it but wearing it all the day revealed to me that it bother me and puts some sort of stress on my nose and ears especially in my hot country (Egypt) which is full of humid

Now, I don't mind shelling more money to buy a brand name eyeglasses with the following specs:
1) To be rectangular in shape with a little bit large area (since my eyes are a little bit big so my vision usually comes out of the frame very easily if the frame's area is considerably small).

2) Having THE MINIMUM amount of pressure on my nose, the 2 sides of my face and ears.

3) It can be Full frame or half-frame - It doesn't matter - but I hate rimless ones as the lenses has to be thicker for endurance.

4) Regarding color, It can be black, grey or whatever suits me as a male.

I'd appreciate your kind recommendations because I don't want to spend a lot of money again on something that I feel like I need to change later on!

Also I'd appreciate a lot of your recommendations on the lenses. In my current glasses, I tried out the highest quality plastics in Egypt and I paid a lot for it (from "Hoya") but still it got lots of tiny scratches that I can spot (because I'm very meticulous) despite of my extra care with my glasses regarding cleaning...etc

I'd like to be advised about the highest quality lens glass I can have.

Thank you in advance and really hope that your recommendations will save me from wasting a lot of money just because I want to see well with minimal feelings that I really wear something onto my face.
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if you're looking for what is comfortable to you, only you could answer that. better go to your trusted optometrist and try the glasses out. your head size, distance between your eyes, nose, etc... will play a huge part in getting to know what pair will be comfortable to you. but with most glasses, they can also be tweaked a little bit as long as the person who does this knows what he's doing. as for lens, afaik there is no lens that are totally scratchproof. ime i just get the lightest coated and glare-free plastic lens of good quality that i can get and take very good care of them.
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I wear serengeti sunglasses and have done for year. They're slightly rectangular, fully framed, and stylin'. You might find the lenses a little small for your monster-eyes though, I'm not sure.
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Have you considered contact lenses?
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I also have astigmatism and an aversion to heavy frames - try Lindberg titanium
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I just got a pair of SwissFlex made. They're exceptionally light. Here's the website, if you'd like to browse their designs: I was browsing the other day and also tried on a half-frame pair of Alain Mikli's that were quite light, too. Just thought the designs were a bit too ostentatious for my liking, but they were nice, too.
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You need bespoke glasses, an old friend of mine set up a company doing this

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Definitely check out Mykita. I have several pairs of different glasses (from different makers) that I switch out, depending upon what I'm wearing and what I'm looking to do that day. However, if I want the pair that makes me completely forget that I'm wearing anything on my face, I put on my Mykita Roccos. So lightweight that you really don't feel them, no pressure on my nose, and (so I'm told) unbreakable.

Of course, no guarantee that this model is the right fit for you, but the line is definitely one to consider.
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I have bad astigmatism and hate heavy frames... I wear Lindberg Strip Titanium with high index lenses... I forget I'm wearing glasses at all they are so light... In my experience, all lenses will scratch over time... High index lenses are very light and thin compared to polycarbonate which I think are more scratch resistant (I'm not totally sure but know that will also eventually scratch)... Other choices I'd go with: IC Berlin Mykita
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Thank you guys for your valuable suggestions which I appreciate a lot. Since most of you recommended Mykita, I'll check it as a first priority but I have the challenge of finding this expensive brand here in Egypt!. I'm afraid that I'll finally have to order it online even though I'm quite anxious of this way of buying frames because the frames may look very good in pictures on the web but after paying a lot of money, I may have problems when it's actually on my face. I wish I can find a way to try these frames before I buy it!
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These were popular a few years ago, but rimless glasses are never out. I have a pair of Silhouette glasses. You can choose any shape you wish for the lenses and they are the lightest and most comfortable pair I have ever worn.

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I wear frames made by a company called OGI. Their new website is coming Feb 2009. I love these frames, they are the most comfortable pair of glasses I have. I alternate throughout the week depending on the outfit, but the OGI's are the most comfortable.
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