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Cleaning white sneakers

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I tend to be somewhat meticulous (and occasionally anal) as to stains on newly purchased items of clothing. I recently purchased a new pair of Diesel sneakers (white leather) and, brilliantly, wore them out this weekend to arguably the worst place to wear new footwear that you don't want ruined (I was in New Orleans for the weekend, and I wore them out on Bourbon St. one night). Shockingly, given how immaculate and spotless Bourbon St. is on an average Saturday night, I stumbled home to find a giant, dark smudge on the white leather. Usually, I'm fairly proficient at removing stains, but this thing (some unidentified mix, I presume, of various alcoholic beverages, bodily fluids, and various sludge-like components of unknown origin) won't respond to anything I've tried. Does anyone have any particular tips/tricks/product recommendations to remedy the situation? Thanks in advance.
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I find that a little baking soda works for some stains. On the other hand, I hate my stuff looking too new and shiny, especially my sneakers - I like them to look a bit beat up and lived in.
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Try the following methods; mildest first: SADDLE SOAP, classic leather cleaner. Create lather, wipe into leather, wipe off with damp cloth. SURGICAL SPIRIT (or lighter fluid), takes off many stains, but might also take off color from the leather. Be very careful and try at a hidden spot first. Best method for cleaning sneakers is, shock-horror, a domestic washing machine. Admittedly I have never tried it with all leather sneakers, but it works a treat on leather trim and fabric. Put towels into machine, sneakers on top, set short, cool cycle, add a little detergent, select minimum spin and off you go. I can't say how your sneakers will fare, but I would presume they're gonna be fine.
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Thanks for the great suggestions, gentlemen. I'll give them a try.
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The only reason I wouln't want to run them in the dry cleaner is that it might wear down the glue that attaches the insole of the shoe to the actual bottom. Nothing worse then that comming off and having to slip it back it everytime you take the shoes off.
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